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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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The Mystery of TIME and SPACE (or is it?)

Time and Space have fired the imagination of mankind for as long as there was a mankind.

Measured in sundowns, seasons, life-spans and from years to seconds the one; dissected by hand-breadths, feet, cubits, yards and meters the other, they are tamed by man only to subject him to abject servitude as they triumph over him in their incessant march into their respective eternities.

As humankind progressed to a greater understanding of his world, the sciences crystallised out of the early confused glimmers of understanding into its current orthodoxy.

Ah, but that did not spell the doom of imagination. It continues to provide the impetus for ever greater, more profound discoveries. There are instances, however, where quite the reverse is true. When imagination spells the doom of science and where it provides a considerable limpetus to scientific thought.

Soon the supermen of science become the soupermen of con-science as the broth of fact and fiction is stirred into an acceptable emulsion, easily ingested to terminal diegestion.

Along the way, the SCI-FI authors,
refreshed with kindred broth their thirst,
give heed to the imagination's call,
as they with yielding pen enthral the masses
and tell their fairy tales to one and all,
mid warps of Time and Space into the fourth dimension
and with reverse-o-time their travelling not to mention.
Until an edifice of awe
erectographs itself upon believers' minds,
and right within those cranial chambers,
its passion spent, it separates,
right back into the
fict and faction* that it was before,
and all the while confusion reigns supreme
among dethralled humanity.

The following may indeed be generally known, understood and appreciated, but then why does the prevailing thought regarding Time and Space continue to espouse all that is sci-fi-ish?  Is it so difficult to understand Time and Space?  Should not everyone be able understand it?  It's simple enough isn’t it?  The following definitions may be considered simplistic, simply because of their simplicity.    Alas,  reality:

1) Time cannot exist by itself.

a -Time is the means to measure the physical distance between

consecutive events.

  i -a single event defines Time.

 ii -without an event there is no Time.

iii -Time has no substance.

 iv -Time is a device.

2) Space cannot exist by itself.

a -Space is the means to measure the physical distance between

concurrent events.

  i -a single event defines Space.

 ii -without an event there is no Space.

iii -Space has no substance.

 iv -Space is a device.

Definition of an event:

A single particle in universal emptiness.

Even if stationary, it defines space by virtue of the relationship between it and that universal emptiness and is given 'substance' by its presence and defines time by the duration of that presence.

In view of this, neither Space nor Time can warp or be in any way distorted.  It is the events that distort and become warped in their relationships, and it is through the looking glass of Time and Space that their distortions' measure we perceive.

There is no Stream of Time and one can neither back nor forward go in Time. The stream of Time is but the river of successive events signposted with familiar symbols to determine frequency.

Events can change their successive relativity or relative proximity and these relationship variables can be measured and defined with Time and Space respectively. But that is all.

The imagery of these ‘Stream of Time’ ‘Time-warp’ ‘Time Travel’ conceptual word pictures, though often used to describe our place within the vicissitudinous events of life, are certainly not without merit in their descriptiveness and must continue to be allowed to fire our imagination with their inherent poetry.

They are, however, of no value in acquainting us with realities, which of themselves have an enigmatic beauty all of their own.

Meanwhile, one must acknowledge, that SCI-FI fantasy has at times been the catalyst for technological advances; even quickening the pace of their development. In turn, it has fired the imagination of many to explore the yet unachievable.  But the authors often forget to acknowledge that they also have the responsibility to convey the reality of things, as have those from whom they borrow the concepts: the Scientists.

For Christians*, the ultimate event of all is of course, the eternal presence of Jehovah/Yahweh God, the originator of all other events.  Hence, because His presence and activity within the realm of reality defines both,  Space and Time have always existed, and always shall.

d. hoffmann 1991

* ayetheists

Aye, I'm a Theist!