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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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Science is great!  Science empowers!

But what is it?  Is it a thing?  Is it alive?  Can it do anything?

Uh, well, no.

Well then, what is it?  

In 1950 a book by Anthony Standen entitled Science is a Sacred Cow came close.  It viewed science from a religious perspective as it was working towards supplanting theism by becoming an ever greater idol to be adored and worshipped.

Science just means knowledge not guessage, though séance comes awfully close at times.  


Who could not possibly have introduced his home page any better than:

'This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English.'


c.1300, "knowledge (of something) acquired by study," also "a particular branch of knowledge," from O.Fr. science, from L. scientia "knowledge," from sciens (gen. scientis), prp. of scire "to know," probably originally "to separate one thing from another, to distinguish," related to scindere "to cut, divide,"

Isn't that were the English Scissors originated?

Like time and space, which are just the means to measure sequential and concurrent events respectively, science morphed from being a means to becoming an object with a life of its own.

Science, instead of focusing primarily on concrete realities as these are discovered along with the design rules that govern them, are found to be playing on the guess-board of philosophy, where, in an attempt to counter the religious nonsense of Christianity, they play with equally religious nonsense of their own.

As they did in pre-messianic Israel where they categorically stated that there is no God, they, in their Unwissen, continue to perpetuate that same philosophy by any means, as their originally assigned role to benefit humanity by making the world a better place, falls ever shorter of the target.

Deceived by religion, science has fallen victim to Christianity's falsehoods and mal-practices to the degree of tipping the baby out with the bath water by continuing to ape –nice evolutionary word that– those who have gone philosophically before.

Nothing or not anything can and does come from or out of nothing.

They will argue that there is no such thing as nothing, but they do so in the context of an existing universe. I really mean nothing, zilch, zero, not a thing or a scrap of anything whatsoever in a void that cannot even be defined, devoid as it is even of boundaries as it is of any content to define it.  Yes, that sort of nothing, that even science is unable to define, while on TV they brag about some plastic hearing aid they have invented from materials already having a presence on earth, governed by pre-existing laws they are still short of understanding by a long shot.

Like in a recent TV Documentary about mega-structured telescopes where the spruiker accoladed science for this incredible gift it has bestowed upon mankind.  Really?

Just another publicly funded toy!

Here is a current project that puts most others to shame in terms of ambition and costs:

 Some detail from the site: :

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), an international partnership of Europe, North America and East Asia in cooperation with the Republic of Chile, is the largest astronomical project in existence. ALMA will be a single telescope of revolutionary design, composed initially of 66 high precision antenNAS located on the Chajnantor plateau, 5000 meters altitude in northern Chile.

Did you know that the ALMA antenNAS are the most precise ever made and maintain their parabolic shape to within a fraction of the thickness of a human hair even when exposed to high winds and freezingly low temperatures?.

In search of our Cosmic Origins?

To find out how the universe began? How preposterously stupid.

That is like sending a probe down into an active volcano to find out how ants make babies.

Even if they could by means of these infantile methods, what benefit for humanity?

Pretty space pictures?

Evidence of an expanding universe that is not?

Yeah, is not, because that central big bang of their imagination could never have happened. There was nothing anyone from outside the universe put there to bang in the first place to expand from, since, according to them, there could not have been anyone out there to do that.  So what banged?

Feed the hungry? Cure some of recycling diseases afflicting humanity?  None!

The primary reason, apart from natural inquisitiveness which should only be given substance when everything else is sorted on earth, is only little more than a futile attempt to morphe big-bang dream-time into reality and as a cure for the God-Virus they have invented along with it.

This is akin to the British comedy sketch by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, where one Streeb Greebling has dedicated his entire life to teach ravens to fly under water - if the silly beggars would only stop trying to breathe.*
Please catch all the sorry details here:

I applaud man's genius. Surprise is layered upon surprise as I behold humanity's incredible achievements. Truly in the image of and just a little lower than their Creator Jehovah God; certainly not lower than the angels, as asserted by some and doctored in Scripture by others.

However, these great men whom I truly admire, will not look at the manual God gave to Israel where they can actually perceive that the very first two verses in Genesis are not a part of the 7 creative days as alleged by Christianity's Gurus. The very scholars who insistently shout context! context! are the very ones who have ignored it profoundly right there at the beginning and continue to do so.

Here for the backdrop for preparing the earth for man from Genesis chapter 1: verses 1 & 2

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.
   And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

That set the stage for the 7 creative days that followed, with the 7th yet to be completed with a phrase similar to that concluding the other 6:  the evening and the morning were the first day (verse 5) and so on to the 6th : So the evening and the morning were the sixth day (verse 31) with no such concluding phrase found for day 7 right to the end of Revelation, for that is yet future.

Any reference to light and luminaries being made, created, provided or otherwise fiddled with, can only be seen in the context of the Heavens, including the sun, moon and stars i.e. galaxies, and the earth having already been created as documented in these first two verses.

The manual/library/bible is not a treatise about the universe and the theory of everything, but only about the reality of who and where we are, how we got there. It is about the earth from an earth perspective so that intelligent earth-dwellers made in God's image can understand what earth-wise was and is for their benefit.

Yes it was formless and void and darkness enveloped it. Ok, from a viewpoint of one hovering over the water in complete darkness, it certainly had no distinguishing features. Even if it had, no one could see them –remember it was dark

Ok, so you had a BIG halogen torch in your hot little hand as you hover in close proximity. Shine on down and, but for a little reflection from the very still waters, not even the smallest ripple as far as the halogen would reach. No sunlight penetrating the thick impenetrable debris/dust leftovers of the original creation to provide the power.

Too difficult to imagine . . . ?

Point is that the first 2 verses of Genesis 1 have nothing whatever to do with the seven creative days except for setting the stage for them.

Religion is the problem, not the manual. Not a single religion is of God, represents Him or ever has. All religion is manmade, of family and tribal culture. Hence their geographical peculiarities *.

* Thank you Richard Dawkins for drawing mankind's attention to that.

The Mosaic Law was simply a foundation document, the constitution for the only God instituted government on earth. The Babylonian invasion, conquest and destruction terminated that arrangement, with the final nail into the Israel coffin of their precious religious world or age hammered in by the Romans in 70 CE.

That is the Great Tribulation the Israelite Prophet Jesus warned would come upon the Jews, with the curtain of the worst and longest suffering ever to be visited upon the Jews opening with the Roman invasion.

That was the starting gun to commence Israel's Greatest Tribulation as an expression of Jehovah's righteous anger/wrath upon His treasured flock Israel who wantonly thumbed their nose at Him.  Israel's troublesome time is continuing even now until all the chosen for heavenly governance of the 1000 years have taken their seats.  That was originally the major component of all the exclusive privileges God had promised to the fathers of Israel.

In the mean time, science has taken on the persona of religion, as has its progeny evolution.

Contrary to their constant advertising where 650 million years is but a drop in the bucket of their philosophical, unscientific nonsense, reality is sane along with its Creator who so fashioned it, which reality accommodates much longer time spans beyond Science's imagination.

Einstein once said that: "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." Note his equating the two, which was likely not his intention, yet right on the mark where both have left God out of their equations, while one side tacitly acknowledges some intelligence in the design of things, while the other equally gives only tacit credence to the God figure.

What a mind-field!

The best thing science could do for humanity is to be a catalyst and persuasive force for governments to rid the earth of Christianity and her daughters once and for all.

End of monologue!