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A Ransomed People

Substitutionary ransom for a nation had its precedent when Jehovah used Egypt as a ransom to repurchase Israel.  Egypt in a sense became Israel in its Ransoming role:

43 And now this is what Jehovah has said, your Creator, O Jacob, and your Former, O Israel: “Do not be afraid, for I have repurchased you. I have called [you] by your name. you are mine. 2 In case you should pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not flood over you.

In case you should walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, neither will the flame itself singe you. 3 For I am Jehovah your God, the Holy One of Israel your Savior. I have given Egypt as a ransom for you, E·thi·o´pi·a and Se´ba in place of you. 4 Owing to the fact that you have been precious in my eyes, you have been considered honorable, and I myself have loved you. And I shall give men in place of you, and national groups in place of your soul. (Isaiah 43:1-4)

Ezekiel 33:11  Say to them, ‘“As I am alive,” is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, “I take delight, not in the death of the wicked one, but in that someone wicked turns back from his way and actually keeps living. Turn back, turn back from your bad ways, for why is it that you should die, O house of Israel?”’ surely indicates, as does Ezekiel 18:30-32, that Israel was in dire need of repentance.  Because they failed to repent of their transgressions/sins against their law by changing their ways, their death as a nation was inevitable . . . unless they were ransomed from their accrued sins against the Law, which held them imprisoned with its prescribed penalties due to their sins.

They had to die as a nation to pay for their sins against the law.  Jesus saved them from that death by dying in their stead as Substitutionary Ransom.  They were now free to fulfil their collective destiny as the Kingdom of the Heavens.  They still had to qualify individually, by remaining faithful to death and then be reborn as spirit sons of God, since flesh and blood cannot inherit that Kingdom.

Here is how Jehovah explains how He saved Israel:

Hebrews 9:15  DOUAY RHEIMS

15 ¶  And therefore he [the Christ] is the mediator of the new testament <1242>: that by means of his death for the redemption <629>* of those transgressions which were under the former testament <1242>, they that are called may receive the promise of eternal inheritance.  16  For where there is a testament <1242> the death of the testator <1303> must of necessity come in.  17  For a testament <1242> is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is as yet of no strength, whilst the testator <1303> liveth.  18  Whereupon neither was the first indeed dedicated without blood.

* [NWT: release by ransom]

Interesting that the DOUAY RHEIMS translation seems to be the only translation that I am aware of which consistently translates diayhkh diatheke with testament.


Strong's Bible Dictionary

1242. diayhkh diatheke dee-ath-ay'-kay; from 1303; properly, a disposition, i.e. (specially) a contract (especially a devisory will):-- covenant, testament.

1303. diatiyemai diatithemai dee-at-ith'-em-ahee; middle voice from 1223 and 5087; to put apart, i.e. (figuratively) dispose (by assignment, compact, or bequest):-- appoint, make, testator.

The Greek words carrying the meaning of a ransoming or a release in consequence thereof, are found in:

Matt 20:28; Mark10:45 [NWT: ransom]                                    <3083 lutron>

Luke 1:68, 2:38; Heb. 9:12 [NWT: deliverance]                        <3085 –lutrosis->

Luke 21:28 [NWT: deliverance],                                               <629 –apolutrosis->

Heb. 9:15, 11:35 [NWT: release by ransom]

Luke 24:21, Tit 2:14, 1 Peter 1:18 [NWT: deliver]                     <3084 –lutroo->

1 Timothy 2:6  [NWT: corresponding ransom]                         <487 antilutron>


Just like under the Law, the sacrifice corresponds to and was offered in place of the sinner: Jehovah's firstborn son Israel.

Testament must be the word of choice, since that is what the original Covenant of Exodus 19 actually was.

The Apostle Paul knew that the Hebrew word covenant was a camouflage, as was the veil Moses wore so that Israel could not discern the temporary nature of that covenant, as is the case with any last will and testament, where it only lasts until the testator, in this case Israel, dies.

By his God-breathed or inspired use of the Greek word for testament, when referring to the covenant of Exodus, the Apostle Paul confirmed the testamental nature of that original covenant. 1 Cor 10:1-5; 2 Cor 3:13.

Israel could have fulfilled the Law.  It did not, because they and especially their leaders/shepherds did not want to.  They did in Jesus, their substitutionary atonement Lamb, while having their lives saved through Jesus their Passover.

Whose Passover lamb was Jesus?: . . .For, indeed, Christ our passover has been sacrificed.. . . (1 Corinthians 5:7)

Passover Lamb for Gentile Greeks?  Really?  Context refers to those:

2 . . . holy ones [who] will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you unfit to try very trivial matters? 3 Do you not know that we shall judge angels?. . . (1 Corinthians 6:2-3)

With the last we, Paul, a Jew, includes himself.  In 2 Cor 5:1-5 also, Paul expresses the heavenly hope he shares with his Corinthian brothers.

Jesus became Israel completely at every level:  

1. at his coming out of Egypt

2. at his baptism substituting for the whole nation for repentance and forgiveness of their sins against the Law

3. his miraculously surviving 40 days (year for a day) in the wilderness

4. his life and ministry where he fulfilled the law completely in place of Israel and, of course,

5. as the final Atonement and second Passover Lamb at his death for the nation.

Jesus categorically stated that he had come exclusively for the lost sheep of the house of Israel  24 In answer he said: “I was not sent forth to any but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”. . . (Matthew 15:24)

and he told the same thing to his disciples: . . . “Do not go off into the road of the nations, and do not enter into a Sa·mar´i·tan city; 6 but, instead, go continually to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.. . . (Matthew 10:5-6)

Caiaphas declared under inspiration that Jesus had to die for the nation, the people Israel:

49 But a certain one of them, Ca´ia·phas, who was high priest that year, said to them: “you do not know anything at all, 50 and you do not reason out that it is to your benefit for one man to die in behalf of the people and not for the whole nation to be destroyed.” 51 This, though, he did not say of his own originality; but because he was high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus was destined to die for the nation, 52 and not for the nation only, but in order that the children of God who are scattered about he might also gather together in one.  (John 11:49-52)

Note his reference also to other scattered ones:

8 The utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, who is collecting together the dispersed ones of Israel, is: “I shall collect together to him others besides those already collected together of his.” (Isaiah 56:8)

Those others are the wild olive branches of Romans 11.  They are those once :

. . .alienated from the state of Israel and strangers to the covenants of the promise, and you had no hope and were without God in the world. . . (Ephesians 2:12)

but now one people:

14 For he is our peace, he who made the two parties one and destroyed the wall in between that fenced them off. 15 By means of his flesh he abolished the enmity, the Law of commandments consisting in decrees, that he might create the two peoples in union with himself into one new man and make peace; (Ephesians 2:14-15)

Yes, these Gentiles are the other sheep who have now become one fold with the fleshly descendants of Jacob.

They are those who grab hold of the skirt of a Jew saying we will go with you into the heavenly realm as joint heirs of the Kingdom promises  -Zechariah 8:23.

The reason for JWs, failing to see or even understand that Israel-only-sacrifice of Jesus, is that they have been programmed/deceived along with the rest of the inhabited earth by the greatest programmer of them all:

The Adversary, Resister or Opposer (Satan) and Slanderer of God and Christ's brothers (Devil).

His most profound and far-reaching deception has the whole inhabited earth believing that man, the species, is born a depraved sinner, imperfect and a slave of sin by default.  Wow!  But how?

Well, he told Eve that she is as yet incomplete and imperfect, but that her deficiency and any troubles arising therefrom would soon be ameliorated if only she ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.

Alleged by the adversary to be not yet like God, they would certainly be like Him as soon as they ate from that tree. . . .God knows that in the very day of your eating from it your eyes are bound to be opened and you are bound to be like God, KNOWING good and bad.”. . . (Genesis 3:5)

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