The Adam Inheritance - The Myths of Armageddon 
The End-Time debacle -The Plague of Religion.

This beautiful valley of Jezreel/Megiddo will never see an end-time battle

His Promises - How valid?

Last-edit:  March 20  2018

In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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The occasional fuzziness above is the result of six rather poor screen captures of a three page word document.

Sorry about that, but it will significantly contribute to better understand the choosing of the few of the many called out of ransomed, redeemed Israel, supplemented by a complement of Gentiles to make up the sufficiency of the few of the little flock to be finally given the Kingdom by Jehovah  -Luke 12:32.

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The ransom doctrine has been a part of my life for more years than I care to remember.  It appealed to me for its apparent simplicity and I subscribed to it until only recently.   What changed?

Then Why the change?