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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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Real genuine human happiness has been a most elusive commodity in all of history.  Because life is what it is, wrought with difficulties and pains of body and soul, humans, in their search for it, have created all manner of festival occasions to have a taste.  These soon dissipate into the daily humdrum we tried to escape for but a moment.  A lasting legacy of fulfilment remains elusive.

Our heavenly Father knows our need for a lasting, sustaining glow of deep satisfaction in our lives garnered from many reflective interludes about life and the purpose for our sojourn in it.

One such occasion for joyful celebration and sustaining reflection is uniting man with woman for procreation in a union of mutual satisfaction and happiness in the kaleidoscope of their life.

While there may be many kinds of fiftieth celebrations garnered from history and imagination, all biblical Pentecosts are exclusively connected with an Exodus of a people to a better future.

They are all time related and celebrated on the fiftieth day, week, year, week of years or even week of millennium-year days.

Many so-called Christian religions are festival-celebration focused, almost to the point of obsession, based on the prolific Jewish festivals from the days of pre-messianic Israel; a little overview of the possibilities here:

Our Creator is not averse to celebrations, for He wants humans to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Israel's Exodus and the seasonal agricultural connection was certainly no coincident, as it was focused on Jehovah's firstborn son* producing their firstfruits.
* Exodus 4:22   

There are three progressive harvests:

1. First fruits from their own ranks: Jehovah's firstborn son Israel from the womb of Egypt.

2. First fruits of mixed race from forgiven Israel + Gentiles having accepted their Messiah Jesus.

3. First fruits of humans willingly cooperating with their Creator and King Jehovah - yet ahead.

Celebrated on the fiftieth epochal ‘day’ Jubilee:

From the 50th (Pentecost) day after the first Passover, when the Israelites received the Law on/at Mt. Sinai.

to the 50th (Pentecost) year after that same Passover when Israel entered their Promised land and all the 50-year Sabbath cycles thereafter they selfishly failed to keep throughout their entire sojourn in their temporary land of God's Promise.

to the 50th (Pentecost) day after Israel ‘ate’ their second Passover Jesus (John 6:53-58) and dying IN HIM for a new birth and receiving the Law in their hearts via spirit-begetting.

to the 50th (Pentecost) Jehovah's 1000-year day of Humanity's Jubilee, after the end of the entire creative ‘week’

See meaning of Jubilee:

That should be enough Pentecost detail.  

Please go to the Israel+2 Exoduses mother page for a broader view.

Enjoy and celebrate!