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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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The Doctrinal Editing of the New World Translation

like all translations gone before from Jerome to others yet to be

The 2013 revision of Jehovah's Witnesses' New World Translation has become just another JW publication ceased to be a bible

The NWT published by the Jehovah's Witnesses* in the 1950's uses an interesting way to translate Strong's Hebr. 05769 with time indefinite, which, in combination with 05703, reinforces the usual forever and ever with the unique permanence of time indefinite even forever or versions thereof  
the people I used to associate with for ½ Century until my terminus in 2008,

That word has been riding comfortably in Genesis 3:22 of that NWT with time indefinite, which is not quite the 'eternal life' of their misguided convictions.   

They have therefore remedied that with forever in their 2013 revision as it is in almost all other translations.  

Everlasting life is a disgusting illusionary carrot dangled before the beguiled for conformity and subservience to the denomination of their choice and the Christian Church state amalgam called Christianity.

The guaranteed permanence of the earth* and other celestial structures* conveyed convincingly in verses of the Psalms by means of the combo ad 05703 olam 05769  now reads as do all others: forever and ever.   It lost the infinity of forever in ways I am unable to adequately dress up in words.  

* Psalm 104:5,

* Psalm 148:6,

Jehovah never originated any of the doctrinal assertions and beliefs that are set in the con-creed of tribal mindsets.

What is wrong with the global religious establishment, especially the Judeo-Christian?

If it is not sourced from the Old Testament, it is fraudulently false.

The old testament was the only resource Jesus and the New Testament contributors had to explain the current affairs being played out in Israel at the time.

Jesus was a temporary being to serve as Israel's final atonement sacrifice and second Passover lamb, perfectly prefigured in the Abraham/Isaac/Sheep type of Genesis 22.   

No Sacrifices offered and shared in celebratory meals ever come back, once they're eaten and returned to the dust of their origin.

Jesus  was just the substituting sheep  to take the place of the one actually offered for Israel in John 3:16*

* need to check out the actual definition of the much more focused world here -Strong's 2889
    in contrast with 3625 used in Revelation for the entire inhabited earth.

God's -you know, the one no one believes in any more- promises to Abraham and the fathers will be fulfilled.

The seed of Abraham Israel* will fulfill God's promise to Abraham via their assignment contracted in Exodus 19:3-8 to become a blessing to all humans past, present and future.
* Isaiah 41:8

The original assignment for humanity in Genesis 1:26-28 along with its inherent promises will be completed as purposed, while some of the dreary methodology is solely of tribal origin and not intended by God,  but certainly anticipated on the basis of human autonomy and free will.

Take heart, do not despair all you lovely people out there in your alleged spiritual paradise of Jehovah's Witness land, this isn't as bad as it seems.  If you have the right heart condition, like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, all without Law, religion and intermediary to interact directly with Jehovah, your faith like Abraham and the widow in Jesus' day on the steps of the temple, will carry you through whatever perils yet before us.

One of the reasons for this revision was a stated need for a better, more modern English translation.   

One must take note nonetheless that Jesus spoke with a limited repertoire of available and understandable words in keeping with his social class of carpenter with his apostles likewise.

That is the reason the elite of  Roman Israel looked down upon on them as rather uneducated.

Even as enticing customers with a rhetoric of smooth words has long been the ploy of harlots, so is with the two greatest prostitutes of all time:  

The Israel of God first under the law (Ezekiel 16) and second post-messianic Israel, i.e. Christianity (post messianic history in the light of the edited bible vs God's original purpose).

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