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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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A little more introduction, background and reason for this site.

On this site I shall make every effort to be reasonable in my approach to that which ought to be represented by the word and concept of truth, which has lost its meaning through overuse as a weapon of persuasion, where even many-splendoured lies wear its crown.  Then there is the relativism trap where truth becomes an alias of opinion.

That is just one of hundreds of isms to muddy the waters of understanding the present.

The greatest misuse of Truth has been by the Guilt Industry of which Religion is but the major part, especially the Judeo-Christian versions, who have invented the inherent sinfulness of humanity and the flaw of imperfection which has supposedly arisen therefrom.  In consequence the sinful masses are persuaded to need redemption from that plight through all manner of deeds and sacrifices imposed on them by those who have invented the problem in the first place as they have indeed the religious structures for positional and financial gain.

None of this has any merit in the Workshop Manual God gave to the People Israel as their constitution for governance.  It is disgusting how that wonderful manual, the Bible, has been so blatantly misused and its author, who had used some 40 human quills to write it, so woefully misrepresented and lied about.

That is why Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount urged the small number of repentant Israelites who crowded around him after he had become their Messiah at his baptism in the Jordan, some of whom became his disciples or learners, to Hallow or Sanctify God 's impeccable name.

Yes, Jesus was exclusively Israel's Messiah.  He himself said that he had come only for the lost sheep of Israel.  Oh yes, all humanity will benefit in due course by means of that Seed of Abraham.  That is why they were chosen in the first place and why that seed comprises not only Israelites, but others chosen out of the broad spectrum of tribal origins.  OK?  So no one should get all ethnic with me here!  

It will all become perfectly clear if one were to put all prejudices aside but for a moment and spend some meaningful time and effort researching through this site.  Only then will one be able to ask meaningful questions the bible may actually be able to answer.

In my earlier attempts at this Web Site, I wished to use a header with an image of a veiled woman to illustrate the enigma of Abraham's Seed and its outworking in God's purpose.  I dissuaded myself from using it due to a possible copyright problem, but it was a very fitting image iNASmuch as Israel was betrothed to her husbandly owner Jehovah as a wife whose purpose and destiny as Abraham's Seed had been shrouded from times long lasting, but was now to be revealed in all her glorious beauty.

Regarding that seed of Abraham, Israel, allow us to focus but for a moment on the Veil and its Mystery or Sacred Secret:

Here is a hint about the Veil from the Holy Writ:

Exodus 34:33-35:  When Moses would finish speaking with them, he would put a veil over his face.  34 But when Moses would go in before Jehovah to speak with him, he would take away the veil until his going out. And he went out and spoke to the sons of Israel what he would be commanded.  35 And the sons of Israel saw Moses’ face, that the skin of Moses’ face emitted rays; and Moses put the veil back over his face until he went in to speak with him.. . .NWT

2 Corinthians 3:12-18:  Therefore, as we have such a hope, we are using great freeness of speech,  13 and not doing as when Moses would put a veil upon his face, that the sons of Israel might not gaze intently at the end of that which was to be done away with.  14 But their mental powers were dulled. For to this present day the same veil remains unlifted at the reading of the old covenant (Greek: testament), because it is done away with by means of Christ.   NWT

Yes, the former Testament was done away with, because a testator had died to bequeath something to others.  For further unveiling of that enigma, please see some of the Testament and other essays under the Bible button.

Now a little more about Enigmas:

Everybody loves a mystery.  Most of the time, though, solving it will not improve our lives in quality or duration. Life’s imponderables continue to be pondered, as blindly we grope on, vainly clutching at unrealities while the great enigma of being stands unresolved and undefeated  -would have loved to say undefeeted, for without feet it could not stand anyway, but I won't, because this site must conform to a decorum usually reserved for funerals and train passengers.  Devoted to Godly matters, one could not possibly have a sense of humour and decorum at one and the same time.

Alas, we, that is I, have an absolutely well-developed sense of humus, which is the consciousness that we are all going to die at some time and turn into the very dust we initially were and thus become again.

“Humus to Humus” reverberate the dying words of the preacher as he dispatches the remains with comforting cliches borrowed from Israel’s manual into the ears of those remaining, who imagine that their turn of the page will never come.  It certainly will, but wherefore wilt thou be dispatched to?  Hating to just become humus,  humans, especially the religious variety,  have invented all manner of places we either wish to be dispatched to or are said to be by the manifold religious folds of the establishment.

That having been said, you, who, no doubt, have the cool, clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth, will now be able to unveil this great confronting enigma of life and death with the help of the information herein gleaned almost exclusively from the Manual God gave to Israel; the Bible.

The Greek word for Mystery (KJV) or Sacred Secret (NWT) appears some 26 times in the New Testament. It is intimately tied in with Jehovah’s purpose in connection with the Seed of Abraham.  It’s quite simple really and easily understood with only a little effort.

However, what about these enigmas or puzzling scenarios about Jesus repeated here?:

Who or what was/is Jesus?

Messiah? King? High Priest? Mediator? Testator? God? Sacrificial Lamb?

If he was High Priest and Sacrifice, did the High Priest kill himself?  Did god commit suicide? Was the Lamb a High Priest?  Did the Lamb kill the High Priest?  Was the Lamb the Testator? Did the Testator have to die?  If the Mediator is dead who mediates now?  If the sacrificial Lamb Jesus died, who is in heaven now?  If one of them died, is there still a Trinity?  Was the Lamb resurrected?  Has the ransom therefore been returned to the Ransomer?  If the Lamb was God and the Lamb has not been resurrected, is God dead?  If God was resurrected, who resurrected Him?

My Goodness, isn't that exiting!  But it shall all be revealed!

Some questions will never be fully resolved into clear answers.  They cannot, because our finite intellectual capacity is incapable of so doing.

However, it may still be good to ponder over them if only as an example of how to use questions in order to approach the resolving of difficult issues and perhaps to make a choice between reasonable and mindless. To illustrate:

The Holy Writ starts out with: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The beginning of what? Of  God?  His creative activities?  The universe?   Preparation of earth for human habitation?  What?!   

OK, the Manual further has it that God is from everlasting to everlasting, without beginning and end.  In the Bible Jesus also says that God always works.   Logically then, there could never have been a Beginning of Jehovah’s creative works -at any time in all eternity.

By the way, evolution presents even more unsolvable enigmas.  It must start off with zilch, blank, naught, not anything, nothingness, nought, void, zero, zip and zippo for something to either bang and/or come out of.

I think the Big Bang was when Fate had sexual intercourse with Space, don’t you?  Help me out here!  Then again, don’t bother, because the whole question is too silly for words, which means enough said.

Here is another one: The bible says God is Almighty.  I have no problem with hat, but it also says that He cannot lie.  That would make him less than Almighty, yes?  Another witness states that nothing is impossible for God.   Now, how does one reconcile all that?  

Then there is the foreknowledge God is said to possess to a superlative degree.   Some of the religious therefore assert that God knew Adam was going to mess up and that this was all part of God’s plan to teach humankind what not to do by causing them to do it (?).  Would anyone even want to acknowledge, praise or worship such a God?  What does that say about creating excuses for doing bad and stupid things ourselves?

Alas,  it will all be revealed in due course!   If not by insignificant me, then ultimately by God.

When I initially read verse 9 of Ecclesiastes chapter 1, I debunked it in the context of humanity's genius of inventiveness.  As I matured, I understood why God chose to author that thought. . . ‑nothing left for me to add, so please look it up.

I, shall just say it as it is.  The workshop/service manual  the Bible will be the basis on which I built this site. We shall not argue about creation vs evolution, since the controversy is man-made and has no basis in fact. Let the readers make up their own mind as they invariably shall.

  It matters none to God what anyone believes.  He neither pettily sulks nor wreaks vengeance on the untaught or unbelievers.  It is religion that teaches such nonsense. Same with the info on this site.  Believe it or not.  If, however, you really wish to know and get to the bottom of it all, there are heaps of resources on-line to either support or debunk what I am trying to say.  Whatever you want.

Religion is man-made.  The Manual makes it very clear that religion is responsible for all the human blood spilled on earth.  First it failed to educate and insist that the blood of men ought not to be spilled wantonly. Then it lent its weight behind opposing sides, justifying their actions in virtually all conflicts humankind had to endure by insisting that it is the consummate will of God.   Religion also has a lot of good to its credit.

What do you need to do:  Nothing really!

you do not need to believe anything this site has to offer nor do anything if you do.  It is simply a take-it-or-leave-it site.  you don't have to subscribe,  purchase, belong to or join anything.

It may, however, free you at some level from the guilt complexes imposed on human society by religion and cultural traditions.  Even if you are not conscious of these forces operating in or upon you, we are all living in that framework of inherited religio-cultural norms, which influence our lives even as we may be in opposition to them. Jesus words: The Truth shall make you free!  apply here as well, though their intent goes far deeper.  

This site will make an earnest effort clear that name of God held dear in antiquity and emphasised by Jesus in what is commonly referred to as the Lord's Prayer.  First literally, since that name in the English language is Jehovah which in Hebrew is indicative of God being and becoming whatever is necessary as in I AM whatever I need to be for any occasion to accomplish His purpose.  Secondly it is to remove the stain that Christian religious teaching and practices have placed on His name and character.

Tall order?  Presumptuousness extraordinaire?  Sure thing.

But is it possible?  I answer with a resounding yes, since His inspired manual makes that easy.

you will not find endless quotations and references from that manual on this site, though at time they will be required to substantiate word usage and claims.  Many versions of the Bible are readily available in hard-copy and on the Internet, as is original language information.  Strong's numbering every Hebrew and Greek word and searching for these is also within easy reach of most.

 Do some digging:

1  My son, if you receive my words, And treasure my commands within you,  2  So that you incline your ear to wisdom, And apply your heart to understanding;  3  Yes, if you cry out for discernment, And lift up your voice for understanding,  4  If you seek her as silver, And search for her as for hidden treasures;  5  Then you will understand the fear* of the LORD*, And find the knowledge of God.  NKJV

       *respect, not terror *Jehovah

History's legacy

Everything on this site is intended to be viewed in the context of what Christianity generally teaches, why it does so and how that relates to and is in agreement or otherwise with the workshop/service manual; the Bible. We shall reason on the fundamental story/account straight from the manual as much as that is possible.  The problem with that manual is that there were profound changes in Christian belief and practice up to the fourth century, the ideas of which had already progressively surfaced from as early as the first century.  (2 Timothy 4:1-3) (2 Peter 2:1)

They have left their mark in translation and cross-referencing.

Dubiously coincidental also is the absence of important and significantly relevant manuscripts prior to that 4th century.

Although our heavenly Creator and the Author of that inspired manual has overall control of it, as he has in the matter of fulfilling prophecy, he obviously allows or rather tolerates a measure of fiddling with His Word, without ever having been asked to do so by anyone.

In this manner perhaps He sorts those who are essentially only interested in the acquisition of authority over people's lives in the power-game played by religion.

This site is not against any particular religion.  It is however wary of all religious mind-sets, be they of theism, atheism, creationism, evolutionism, agnosticism, skepticism and whatever other ism one might be beholden to. However, because of the immense suffering and horrors it has inflicted upon the downtrodden masses over the centuries, often in the name of God, the theistic religions have been the worst plague ever to visit mankind.

Some will object:  Have they not made every earnest effort over the centuries to educate their flocks to be good law-abiding honest god-fearing persons?  Yes, most people are nice honest people as a result, as indeed they are by default without religious influence, if they were only permitted to retain their innocence.

Alas, Jesus, who came to benefit the flock not the shepherds, told his discipled sheep to do what the Jewish religious leaders said, but not what they were practicing.  Israel's Founder and Father was profoundly misrepresented by their actions.

How I see myself in this.

Which brings me to my own relative unimportance.  I only discover what is already there.  All doctrine and understanding of God's purposes was already clearly in place well before the end of the first century.  Only Revelation and some Epistles at the hand of the apostle John were needed to complete the inspired manual.

Tired of waiting because everything always has to happen within the lifetime of any one contemporary generation, the early congregations quickly succumbed to inventing their own doctrinal theories about the resurrection, sin, the ransom, Christ's second coming and the end times to name but the most important.

Like the chroniclers and copyists of antiquity who generally presented the rulers in only the most positive light, the final secular usurpation of Christianity in the 4th century would also have necessitated to make some subtle textual alterations in manuscript copies and then ensure that none of the earlier manuscripts survived.

Alas, there is more than enough internal evidence easy to find and understand.  With a little unprejudiced effort, intimacy with Jehovah's purpose is within easy reach of all.

The ubiquitous but false perception of generic man's inherent condition of sin, guilt and imperfection supposedly inherited from the first human Adam underlying all religio-theological thinking, has given rise to a profusion of Christian literature supporting it and the doctrines arising therefrom.  To counter these makes for lengthy explanations, which ought never to have been necessary in the first place if the simple biblical stand had been adhered to from the beginning.

In consequence, I had to write and/or collate a great number of essays in an effort to point the seeker of wisdom and truth to the relatively simple recipe contained in God's impeccable word.

This site is very much in its infancy.

If you’re not pleased with the way I write, go somewhere else.  I don’t really care.  I’ve nothing to sell, no prestige to acquire.  I am just providing information.

The style of the essays/docs herein may seem odd to the educated, for neither am I educated nor am I a proficient writer, though obviously I do write.  Secondly, English is not my native/first language; German is. Thirdly, the differences between US, UK and AU English makes coherent spelling difficult, since the readership varies likewise. Fourthly, many of the docs were originally addressed to the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses in an attempt to clarify matters biblical and I am loath to re-write them in toto.

I wish you a happy and useful journey through this site.  May it prove to be a blessing.