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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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A little more about the two Adams

The real deal must be that expressed in Psalm 49 where not one of man can be a ransom for his brother – where brother here is one of the sons of Jacob, a fellow Israelite.  To understand that, it needs to be noted that the Psalms are a part of the body of literature from God, inspired in a variety of ways, addressed exclusive to His firstborn son Israel Exodus 4:22.

Peter's words in the second and fourth chapters of Acts  admirably confirm this as he addressed Israel with Men, Brothers.   Note also in Acts 2, that it was the Israelite prophet Joel who prophesied about the holy Spirit being poured out onto Israelite flesh at the Jewish festival of Pentecost.

So, an Israelite generated from outside the human family of Jacob descended from Adam had to be found to redeem and save that firstborn son of God Israel, destined to permanent eradication for the sins against their law.

Like the sheep that saved Isaac in the type was from outside Abraham’s human family, the sheep Jesus also needed to have a different life source.  Hence, a new Adam, materially sourced from earth, as was Adam #1, but this time via Mary’s womb like David’s mother (Psalm 139:15), whereas his life had come directly from God himself as it had for Adam#1.

This constituted Jesus a genuine Israelite in the flesh via Mary and legally via her husband Joseph, while his life had come directly from God, hence the creation of a new Adam, the last.  

Not having received his life from an Israelite father, he avoided Israel’s community guilt and was thus free of Israel’s collective sin at birth, while, as Israel’s proxy, he lived his entire life without sinning against The Law, in which sinless state Israel died in him as he was executed.

So it was that another Jew in the right family with a fleshly descent from Israel via Mary, was given life directly by God while he was also a legal descendant of David via his stepfather Joseph so that no argument against Jesus being the rightful heir of David’s throne could ever be mounted.

The reality is that the body, person, being, Jesus, firstborn son of Mary, substituted for God’s very first creation, His only begotten heavenly son actually offered (John 3:16) in the manner of the substitution of the sheep in place of Abraham’s only begotten son Isaac.  


This saved the seed of Abraham Israel (Isaiah 41:8; Galatians 3:28-29) to enable them to continue with and fulfil all of God’s promises to Abraham.

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