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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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The End is Near!  We are living in the Last Days!

J Really? L

The last days or end of what:

Earth? Universe? Time? Age? People? Mankind? Condition?
  Ruler? Government? Religious Nonsense? All of the above?

Endtime scenarios are as varied and profuse, as are the religions that invent them.

Oh yes, there are biblical verses that indicate various ends of things.

Far be it for me to repeat much of the end-time irrationality, the verses they are supposedly based on and discuss their use and misuse with more proof-text rhetoric.  Theology and its sibling Christology are replete with it already.

Humankind had a beginning in Eden. It will never have an End on earth.

God delegated liaison between Himself and humans as well as management of the inhabited earth during the Creator’s 7th day of creation, his yet to be completed rest day of 7000 years, to a very capable Spirit person not unlike Himself but profoundly inferior. People may ascribe a number of names to that person, but the term used in the Scriptures is angel, which has the basic meaning of messenger, although that particular angel was higher up the rankings, being alluded to as a cherub in Ezekiel 28.

That assignment has never been revoked, even as Jesus indicated when being tempted by that now rebel angel, whose claim of continuing to be in charge of earthly governance Jesus never disputed (Luke 4:5-6).

That assignment will End when the first 6 millennia of that rest day ends.

To prepare for that administrative change an alternative needed to be provided.

After the global environmental change at the deluge of 2370 BCE , which coincided with a need to remove rebellious humans and their hybrid offspring, Jehovah now focused His attention on the nomadic Semite Abraham, who had refused to participate in the construction of an unauthorized city designed to keep people together rather than to have them scatter as God had directed.  As a result, his language remained that of Adam and he was chosen to become the father of a new administration to ultimately succeed the cherubic one.

To determine Abraham's faith and complete reliance on Him, Jehovah initiated a supreme heart-wrenching test, largely misunderstood by theists and atheists alike, because NEVER had Jehovah EVER demanded human sacrifice.  It was only after this test that God came to know and understand the depth of Abraham's faith: Genesis 22:12: "Do not put out your hand against the boy and do not do anything at all to him, for now I do know, that you are God—fearing in that you have not withheld your son, your only one, from me".‘  —NWT.

The resulting promise for all the families of the earth to be able to bless themselves -or be blessed- by means of his seed was absolute, but the choice would always need to be theirs alone to accept or reject any blessings that would eventually come their way.

As the next step Jehovah prepared a people as His firstborn son and wife (Exodus 4:22;
Ezekiel 16:1-63) to become that new administration to take over from that cherubic rebel and his angelic following.

The first indication of the nature of this administration came after the Exodus where the people Israel were asked to make a choice.

Exodus 19 3-6: 3 Moses went up to God, and Jehovah called to him out of the mountain, saying, This is what you shall tell the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel: 4 you have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagleswings, and brought you to myself. 5 Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, then you shall be my own possession from among all peoples; for all the earth is mine; 6 and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.  These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel.

It was not forced upon them.  It was optional.  It was their choice:

7 Moses came and called for the elders of the people and set before them all these
  words which Jehovah commanded him.
8 All the people answered together and said "All that Jehovah has spoken we will do.

Not having been given any laws, directives or regulations, they made a blanket declaration to do virtually anything God may ever require of them.

In response, to guide them along the way to becoming a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, they were given a complete set of laws and obligations commonly referred to as the Law.  In Hebrew that is called the Ten Words.  No, not the Ten Commandments, a completely false and useless phrase, because it does not translate the original text accurately.  Moreover there were more than 600 of them in the Law, in addition to many other directives and regulations they were obligated to perform.  The # 10 in ten words beautifully symbolizes the comprehensive completeness of the Law.

As anticipated by Jehovah on the basis of previously demonstrated behaviour, not foreknowledge, Israel soon abandoned any attempt at obedience.  

This culminated in God divorcing her, sending her away from His family and removing His presence from the between the Cherubs of the Mercy Seat on the golden cover of the Ark of the Covenant, and having the Temple on Mount Moriah completely destroyed.  

After 70 years of exile, a remnant returned and Israel’s form of worship was restored, but only in principle and without the presence of the Ark of the Covenant in the Most Holy in the rebuilt Temple, indicative of Jehovah not resuming His rule over them.  

The divorce was final.  However, God’s relationship with Israel as His firstborn son remained so that Israel never became a fatherless boy.

After the return, Israel was and continued to be subject to secular rulers, save for the very brief period of the Maccabees, until their Messiah to whom the Nation was guided by the ten words of the Law which was exclusively theirs alone. —see Galatians chapter 3

As throughout its checkered history, once again only a small faithful remnant manifested itself at Messiah's appearance.  That remnant continued to run with the original promises.

Towards the end of Jesus' life, some of the first potential members of that remnant, his disciples, asked him a question about his return, the destruction of the temple and the end of their world of worship and ritual.  In his answer he referred to a great tribulation, the magnitude of which had never occurred before nor will again. -Matthew 24:21.

It is at this point where all doctrinal hell breaks loose.  End-time scenarios ad infinitum are invented by those who, for the most part, have a power and money agenda that needs satisfying, while not entirely dismissing the sincerity of the faith of many of their leaders and certainly not of that of their flocks.

Just as the OT prophecies of Zephaniah, Zechariah and others about the end of the Kingdom of Israel ruled over by a King have been dragged by the hair into our modern era to indicate the end of the world -variously interpreted as heaven and earth, just the earth, mankind, the wicked and the universe even time(?) - so have Jesus' pronouncements.

Translators have run amok with translating the Hebrew word for people variously with men and mankind, thus expanding the intended application from Israel to all of humanity.  Same with the word for land, which becomes earth and world, depending on doctrinal bias.  Most offensive has been the NT translators' use of World to translate three entirely different Greek words, here as per Strong's Dictionary of Bible Words:

2889 kosmov kosmos kos'-mos masculine noun
In Authorized King Jamed Version - translated with world 186x, and adorning lx;
Principal meaning in the context of their inspired usage in the NT:
1 ) an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government
2) ornament, decoration, adornment,

165 aiwn aion ahee-ohn masculine noun
Principal meaning in the context of their inspired usage in the NT:
3) period of time, age, epoch

3625 oikoumenh oikoumene oy-kou-men'-ay feminine noun
Principal meaning in the context of their inspired usage in the NT:
1 ) the inhabited earth

Other definitions may very well be acceptable except for those doctrine-driven, where otherwise valid meanings are inappropriately transposed into translation.

It is quite sad to have to go to great lengths to get to the point of this dissertation.  Yes indeed, there will be an end of the world of heaven and earth and the wicked, but not of planet earth, mankind, the universe or time.  

An epoch will end.  

An assignment for a peculiar people will end.  

A global administration devoid of peace, security and unity will end.

Jesus did not come to redeem, ransom, repurchase or save mankind.  He was the Atonement and Passover Lamb exclusively provided to the world of Israel to save them so that they could continue to run with the promises to their final heavenly destination.

Just as the Messiah arrived at Jesus' baptism exclusively for the Nation of Israel, so it is with the great tribulation.  It was and continues to be exclusively the very worst of any tribulation, both in severity and duration, to be visited upon the people Israel since their world began at the Exodus.

The great tribulation commenced when Rome completely wiped out the nation of Israel, its records, way of life and worship.  It has haunted the Israel of the Exodus down to this day, as it continued over some two millennia with global persecution, pogroms, ethnic cleansing and state-sponsored murder in almost every country on earth in various epochs of history.

A strange but startling parallel to this ongoing tribulation upon Israel is the nature of the beast that is largely responsible.

Rome started it and Rome is continuing it. How?

Rome is the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2:40. Powerful!  Unprecedented! Crushing all before it! Unlike the others preceding it, it was never defeated and conquered by the one succeeding it.
It simply morphed into the current dual Anglo American World power via the Holy Roman Empire.  Hence the two iron legs of the image.

That would still be in the realm of conjecture, if it were not for Revelation 17, where a secular governmental beast with 7 heads and ten horns holds sway.

Since the beasts of Daniel’s visions were secular governments, so must those of Revelation be.  John explains:

10 They are seven kings. Five have fallen, the one is, the other has not yet come.
   When he comes, he must continue a little while.  
11 The beast that was, and is not,
   is himself also an eighth, and is of the seven, and he goes to destruction.

The five fallen were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece.  The one is was Rome and the one not yet come the Anglo-American world power and, interestingly, the entire beast itself becomes an eighth secular world-power made up of the seven, which would of course include the sum total of all the global governmental powers 3.  you may be able to figure it out for yourself who that might be.

In Daniel 2, Rome’s iron legs terminate in a iron/clay mixture lacking cohesion.  Though in Revelation 17 Rome (head six) is succeeded by separate head i.e. Anglo-America, history documents a gradual transition, not a conquest, as also depicted by Daniel where the two iron legs continue on as one power into the vulnerable feet.  Please check the records of history yourselves, if you really want to know how the change from secular Rome via the Holy Roman empire to the Anglo American world power transpired.

The main point herein is to emphasize the greatness, severity and long duration of that unparalleled tribulation upon Israel referred to in Matthew 24:21.

The End that will occur after the good news has been preached to all the inhabited earth, is the end of Israel in the flesh, not the end of  Jacob’s descendants on earth, but rather the end of God’s relationship with His formerly ex wife whose substitutionary death in the person of their Passover and atonement lamb Jesus permanently ended the marriage alliance between God and Israel and freed the now completely forgiven people Israel to provide a remnant from out of their midst to become the potential bride of the Christ.

This at the same time spelled the complete end of their great tribulation of Matthew 24, when those chosen from their midst and complemented or completed by Gentiles to offset numerical insufficiency of repentant Jews, finally follow their forerunner Messiah through the curtain of his flesh at their resurrection as spirit sons of God in order to commence their role as the Kingdom of God longed and prayed for by millions for nigh on 2000 years.
-See Matthew 10:6; 15:24; 24:14, 29-31; Hebrews 6:13-20, 10:19-20 9:15 Jeremiah 31:35-37 and the rest of the Bible.  

Anyway, it is all explained on this site in other more detail-focused essays.

The Israel-exclusive Great Tribulation runs parallel with the global secular authority that originally started it from 66-70 CE to the beginning of the Kingdom of the 1000 years as it morphed into the Anglo American one and joined all the other secular powers in the eighth and final conglomerate world power: the UN or whatever the name of the Global authority shall be.

Mankind and particularly China please take note that there are no other world powers to come before the change over and return to a global administration purposed and initiated by the Creator of the universe, generally described in the Manual as: The Kingdom of the Heavens or God’s Kingdom, which will rule benignly forever and doing so without Religion.


1 It would take another 1000 years to complete that rest day, at which point the existence of that supervising cherub will permanently end after a brief revival to give humankind an alternative choice for God to see if they really want to submit to His benign oversight rather than be compelled to through law.

2 See other uses of ten in scripture. such as ten plagues Ex 20:3-17; 34:28; Jesus' use in parables - Matthew 25:1: Luke 15:8: 19:13, 16, 17; Horns on beasts Daniel 7:7, 20, 24: Revelation 12:3: 13:1: 17:3, 7, 12 and full measure of tribulation Revelation 2:10.

3 Credit for this understanding must go to the Bible Students Association, now known as Jehovah’s Witnesses since 1931.  Unfortunately they fail to understand Israel’s role, besotted as they are with the ubiquitous guilt-trip of human sinfulness, imperfection and depravity supposedly inherited from Adam.

About Armageddon.  Let's look at the meaning of the word: “Mountain of Megiddo” which overlooks the valley of Jezreel/Megiddo on which that end-time battle to end all battles is going to be fought, according to the end-time fear-merchants of Christianity.  Since this valley is situated in the broader environs north of literal Jerusalem on planet earth, that valley has experienced a dramatic shift from real geography (earth-drawing/scribing) into the equally broad but non-geographical northern environs of heavenly Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:22-23), a real enough unreal city in an earthly sense*.  Reading Hebrews 12:22-23, the phrase congregation of the firstborn should lead the mind right back to Exodus 4:22 for identification.

This clearly identifies the battle of Armageddon as being fought in the heavenly realm A

The Great Tribulation.  Careful reading of Matthew 24 will yield an entirely different understanding far removed from that of Christianity and especially, in the context of this note, from that of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Almost uncanny that I learned about the special significance of the G.T. to the Jews from the Witnesses, while they failed to follow through and instead transposed these Israel specific matters into the whole of mankind.

That great tribulation, the exact timing of which was still unclear to the NT bible writers, was prophesied in sufficient detail for them to understand it to be not far into the future.  It spelled not so much an end of Israel, rather the end of a specific epoch or age of Israel, to come upon them soon.  This Great Tribulation turned out to be the destruction of their temple, way of life and became the greatest evil ever to befall Israel, continuing to this day and beyond, first by the Romans, then via the Holy Roman Empire and, not exclusively so, onto Rome's successor the Anglo American world power becoming worldwide with pogroms and persecutions at an unprecedented scale, which will only end at the birth of the heavenly Kingdom at which point all the chosen members of that government will be gathered AFTER that Great Tribulation; behold Matthew 24:29-31:

29 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 30 And then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in lamentation, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  31 And he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet sound, and they will gather his chosen ones together from the four winds, from one extremity of the heavens to their other extremity. (Matthew 24:29-31)  NWT

And from the New King James Translation:

29  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.  30  "Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  31  "And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

Yes it is only after the Great Tribulation that the elect, saints, holy ones and chosen anointed ones, alive or dead, are gathered to form the new government.  That did not occur in 1914 nor was that date the end of the Gentile times. Page: Gentile Times

The Kingdom could not have been born in 1914 with some of the anointed already resurrected some 3 ½ years later as claimed by the Witnesses, because the whole of the bride of Christ had to be present with not a leg, arm or breast missing.  Jehovah's heavenly kingdom can likewise only function when ALL its members take their seat in the Heavenly parliament, as it were, at the same time.  That takes place as prophesied in verse 31 of Matthew 24.

By the way, the Great Crowd in Rev 7 are those of unknown number of the anointed chosen ones still alive on earth at the very threshold of the 1000 year Kingdom.  Like the promised seed of Abraham and Israel of old in prophecy depicted as the sand of the seashore, it was likewise impossible to number them, because not even God would nor could know exactly how many would still be on earth at the changeover.  It is they, still alive at that time, together with those already dead who will be gathered i.e. resurrected simultaneously, or at the same time as the kingdom of God.

To verify this please read 1 Corinthians 15:51-52:

51 Look! I tell you a sacred secret: We shall not all fall asleep [in death], but we shall all be changed, 52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, during the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised up incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

and 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17:

15 For this is what we tell you by Jehovah’s word, that we the living who survive to the presence of the Lord shall in no way precede those who have fallen asleep [in death]; 16 because the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel’s voice and with God’s trumpet, and those who are dead in union with Christ will rise first. 17 Afterward we the living who are surviving will, together* with them, be caught away in clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and thus we shall always be with [the] Lord.. . .

* Or, “at the same time. (NWT footnote)

The whole of Revelation is the very pinnacle of the whole bible exclusively addressed to the Israel of God ‑Galatians 6:16.

However, Jehovah has provided that seed of Abraham purely or solely to finally bless ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH.  That was/is their intended purpose, with Jehovah, the God of Justice, certainly never having changed His mind about that.

One of the greatest distortions is the use of Revelation 21:4 for those who imagine they are running in the eternal life stakes. This verse, as do all others, applies only to those few of the little flock who will actually receive everlasting life i.e. as the heavenly immortal kings.

Charles Taze Russell commented on that immortality versus everlasting life issue, in that both are identical, with immortality being synonymous with everlasting life.  To deal with the human condition, he coined the term lasting life which lasts as long as a person eats food and conforms or yields to the beneficial advice from God.

The Witnesses on another tack insist Immortality to be different from Everlasting life in that the latter still required sustenance i.e. the need to eat, whereas the immortals were self-sustaining without a need for food.

Jesus referred to that in his answer to Satan when he was tempted to changing stones into bread because he was hungry:

3  Now when the tempter came to Him, he said, "If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread."  4 But He answered and said, "It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’" Matthew 4:3-4.

Hmm, interesting that bread is indeed a prerequisite to continuing life.  That means no human will ever possess everlasting life per se, seeing that all life on earth is contingent on FOOD.  For humans there are however other requirements that carrots and rabbits would be ill-equipped to comply with.  Anyway, how could humans ever comply with the second requirement without submitting to the first?  One needs to be alive to to that.  An impossibility without eating food.

All the above must be understood in the context of God NEVER punishing children for the sins of their fathers –Deuteronomy 24:16:

16 “Fathers should not be put to death on account of children, and children should not be put to death on account of fathers. Each one should be put to death for his own sin.   

The whole chapter of Ezekiel 18 echoes these divine sentiments with a shout of support.
It should be clear therefore, that Jehovah will not say one thing and do the exact opposite.
He's no Hypocrite!

Then there is the issue of primary importance where three entirely different Greek words are customarily translated with world in English, German or whatever.  Some rare exceptions prevail, as in the NWT, which then camouflages the meaning of aion  age with system of things,  kosmos with the ambiguous world, whereas oikumine is translated correctly with inhabited earth.  Some other translations are similar, but the popular majority just use world for all three.

Why is that important?  Well, let's take John 3:16, where kosmos is used, as an example:

16  "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The primary definition of  kosmos is an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government the second main definition is ornament, decoration, adornment yes, God did not provide the atonement and Passover lamb/sheep Jesus for humanity at large i.e. the entire inhabited earth, but only for his disobedient firstborn son and wayward wife Israel whom he had instituted as the only apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government  he had ever provided for any group of humans.  Israel the wife was also an ornament and decoration on earth to reflect Jehovah's Glory.

Alas, Israel failed miserably as it became progressively more decadent to a point of no return.  Jesus is said to have been sent from heaven.  That is about as true as the manna God sent from heaven.  There was never a storehouse of manna in heaven even as there was never a Jesus in heaven, for he was only named thus AFTER he was born out of Mary.  He was son of man, a term used for him some 90 times in the NT, whereas he referred to himself only once as son of God, but prophetically only in the third person.

In Jeremiah 31, after promising a new covenant to Israel and Judah Jehovah unequivocally stated that He would rather void all natural laws than to reject Israel:

35 This is what Jehovah, the Giver of the sun for light by day, the statutes of the moon and the stars for light by night, the One stirring up the sea that its waves may become boisterous, the One whose name is Jehovah of armies, has said: 36 “‘If these regulations could be removed from before me,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘those who are the seed of Israel could likewise cease from proving to be a nation before me always.’”

37 This is what Jehovah has said: “‘If the heavens up above could be measured and the foundations of the earth below could be searched out, I myself also could reject the entire seed of Israel on account of all that they have done,’ is the utterance of Jehovah.” (Jeremiah 31:35-37)  NWT

But He did not!  Instead He again provided a Passover lamb for His firstborn son Israel, while the wife was executed, as adulterous wives ought to under the law of Moses, in the person of the lamb/sheep Jesus being sacrificed instead, as prefigured by the sheep dying in place of Abraham's only-begotten son Isaac.

Hang on there, Israel wasn't Jehovah's only begotten son, but only His firstborn son.  Well, in the Abraham example Isaac was THE seed of Abraham representing the entire Seed destined to heavenly governance, but he was also the type of the Only Begotten Son of God  who was actually offered by God as the sacrifice to redeem Israel by purchase, as indeed John 3:16 clearly shows.

The sheep caught in the thicket substituted for Abraham's Only Begotten Son Isaac, who, representing the whole Heavenly Seed, was about to be killed, in the same manner the lamb Jesus substituted and died for the Only Begotten Son of Jehovah who was also about to be killed in sacrifice to ransom Jehovah's firstborn son Israel.

In both instances the sheep saved an only-begotten son.

Both sheep suffered the same destiny of all animal sacrifices ever made.  Their death was permanent with the ransom paid never losing its value in the thing ransomed, which continues to remain the property of the ransomer, repurchaser, redeemer.

The ransom remains paid, since no ransom money is ever paid back to the ransomer.  In the whole of history, no sacrifices have ever been unsacrificed and restored to life.  Both sheep who were sacrificed instead of an only-begotten have therefore not been restored to life.

As for both potentially sacrificed Only Begotten Sons, however, they were virtually received back from the dead to go on to finally bless all the families of the earth in the restoration of all things, as originally purposed by God ‑(Hebrews 11:17-19):

17 By faith Abraham, when he was tested, as good as offered up Isaac, and the man that had gladly received the promises attempted to offer up [his] only-begotten [son], 18 although it had been said to him: “What will be called ‘your seed’ will be through Isaac.” 19 But he reckoned that God was able to raise him up even from the dead; and from there he did receive him also in an illustrative way

The son of man Jesus is not in heaven now, even as he never was in the first place.  Born and reared in the manner of flesh, he also died in the manner of flesh and became the very dust all men are made of:

Jehovah loved the world of Israel with such passion and unparalleled depth, that He offered His most precious possession, His first and only direct creation, His principal Angel, His Only Begotten Son in her behalf.  That is the thrust of John 3:16, for only Israel had transgressed law that only Israel had and was bound and enslaved to.

That is why Paul made these observations in Galatians:

21 Tell me, you who want to be under law, Do you not hear the Law? 22 For example, it is written that Abraham acquired two sons, one by the servant girl and one by the free woman; 23 but the one by the servant girl was actually born in the manner of flesh, the other by the free woman through a promise. 24 These things stand as a symbolic drama; for these [women] mean two covenants, the one from Mount Si´nai, which brings forth children for slavery, and which is Ha´gar. 25 Now this Ha´gar means Si´nai, a mountain in Arabia, and she corresponds with the Jerusalem today, for she is in slavery with her children. 26 But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother. (Galatians 4:21-26)

That is why Jesus quoted these words from Isaiah 61 & 49 first thing after his baptism for forgiveness of sins as he represented Israel in his substitutionary role:

18 “Jehovah’s spirit is upon me, because he anointed me to declare good news to the poor, he sent me forth to preach a release to the captives and a recovery of sight to the blind, to send the crushed ones away with a release, 19 to preach Jehovah’s acceptable year.”. . . (Luke 4:18-19)

Yes Israel was rightly held captive to the law for their protection, but imprisoned on death row, as it were, for their blatant transgressions against that law.

This is the place in Isaiah:

61 The spirit of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah is upon me, for the reason that Jehovah has anointed me to tell good news to the meek ones. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to those taken captive and the wide opening [of the eyes] even to the prisoners;. . . (Isaiah 61:1)

Many question may or will in fact arise, but the Bible has clear answers for the taking.

The End! J