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This beautiful valley of Jezreel/Megiddo will never see an end-time battle

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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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My messed-up messed-with spiritual Journey . . .
were spiritual is a religious nonsense word and concept of
many colours to confuse the innocent and enrich the not-so.
May my own story and the discoveries I made help all those similarly affected by life, religion and Jehovah's exquisite Scriptures, their use and misuse:

Lamentations of this Speck of Dust's Exhalation
also known as little George, Erwin, Dieter, and Hoffie
Courtesy of Isaiah 40:15:  Look! The nations are as a drop from a bucket;
and as the film of dust on the scales they have been accounted.
and  Psalm 39:5:               Surely every earthling man, though standing firm,
is nothing but an exhalation.

Originally written the following to the Governing Body of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses on the 30th of August 2005
Dear Brothers,
A child of innocence I've come
through and survived the rains of bombs
a gift from Satan's horrid heaven
a little boy of just eleven
through dictatorship my childhood spent
where thought-police on rampage went
through Russian conquest of Berlin,
where rape was normal, not a sin,
through Russian blockade of Berlin,
when Yankee bombers food flew in
fatherless through teenage years,
full of accumulated fears.
                   And I trembled!
Went to a land then far away
to live there for a better day.  
To give my life another steer
became a railroad engineer.
Then suddenly I was affronted,
with Bible students was confronted.
First shock and horror then delight,
Jehovah took away my fright.
when voices I from rooftops heard!
                   and I rejoiced!
you taught me that there'd be no wars,
that Jehovah would remove all scars,
no one will ever make me tremble!
that this for sure just a preamble
                   and I rejoiced
of Paradise
                   and I rejoiced
of resurrection of my loved ones
                   and I rejoiced at seeing my
                   7 year old daughter again
that Christendom was a sham
and I rejoiced
that Jehovah has a purpose,
that we have no soul but are such
designed to live forever
on this beautiful planet.
and I rejoiced
about the Heavenly Kingdom
of a 144000 under Christ
the King of Kings,
and I rejoiced
and that Christ's rule had been
established in 1914
*, would soon
remove Satan's foul system, and
that I had to tell others about it
warn them and perhaps
share in saving their lives . . .
* taught by the JWs and believed at the time
and I rejoiced
and then, after many years of immaturity
I discovered Jehovah's beautiful word
through spending more time in
His company, sitting on His knees
as it were, listening to Him
as he spoke of His wondrous ways
                   and I rejoiced more profoundly
then I shared my delight in finding
some interesting facets of His truth
handed down to me from His word with you
and I rejoiced
Then I beheld that you,
whom I had loved since 1958,
did not rejoice with me to share my delight . . .
                   I was saddened and rejoiced less.
After communicating with you
on more occasions, it was suggested
by the Australia Branch, that I must
either have had a stroke,
have a current brain tumor or
suffer from some other trauma
affecting my brain and my thinking ability
and that I must therefore be imagining things
in the Bible that are just not there.
I was ever more saddened and rejoiced no longer.
Loyally supporting this Bible Based
Organization that supposedly has the sayings
of everlasting Life, I am puzzled
about what has happened to me.
Yes happened to me!
for I did not cause it.
I do not teach what is not deemed to be true,
I read publicly at meetings with correct emphasis
even when the thing taught seems not quite correct.
Now I no longer rejoice,
As the realization of the promise that
we will never be made to tremble,
recedes ever more into the background . . .
I tremble at and fear the very people whom I love;  you!
Now I no longer rejoice, but I fear
AND I tremble!  Again!
Fear of God has now been replaced by fear of men.
Sadly after I first tentatively communicated with
you some years ago about perfection and
related matters, I was visited by three elders
who virtually demanded entry.
During a very brief but tense meeting,
I was made to recant something I never
actually insisted upon, but had just
run past you for contemplation.
When I then declared to them under duress,
that I was imperfect, they departed satisfied.
Thought police?  I thought that went out with George Orwell's 1984?
Where does that come from?
I thought I had escaped all that!
Shades of the Inquisition?
I thought the Truth is to set us free
and that perfect love throws fear outside
‑or so Jehovah tells me.
Now I fear the very Servant commissioned
to only
distribute the food Jehovah
had originated and enshrined in His word,
not to originate it.
I fear that servant on a horse
“I have seen servants on horses but princes
 walking on the earth just like servants”
‑Ecclesiastes 10:7.
I fear the very servant who has taken it upon himself
to rule as kings while still on earth, even as the Apostle Paul said neigh on 2000 years ago:
you men already have your fill, do you?
you are rich already, are you?
you have begun ruling as kings without us, have you?
And I wish indeed that you had begun ruling as kings,
that we also might rule with you as kings.
 ‑1 Corinthians 4:8.

The truth will look after itself.
Jehovah will see to that.
He will look after it and does in fact.

* very much what I still supported at that time, as I indeed did other teachings that I have since found to be profoundly unscriptural.

Ditched the rest of my history, encouraging to few, meaningless to most.