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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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About the use of the phrase:
Jesus' last days.

I mean, does not everyone, and his whatever, believe that he is still among the living, albeit on another plane?

  Not so, because it is actually true that these were his last days literally and eternally so.

  One must remember that he was the sheep to save God's only-begotten son in the manner of the sheep that saved Abraham's only begotten son with only-begotten connected at depth to the uniqueness of the begetting, not the miraculous nature of the event.

  One must remember that Jehovah's fashioning all creation flora, fauna and animalia, which includes Adam and Eve, were indeed miraculous events, while none were unique in the begetting of them.

  They were the result of Jehovah's use of very clever processes, which did not even come close to the uniqueness of the creation of His very first uniquely heavenly creature he fashioned all by Himself in contrast with all others that were made through or via that unique only-begotten son of God.

  Both Adam #1 and Adam #2 were miraculous in their production, but never in the sense of uniquely only-begotten entirely by Jehovah Himself.  Am I getting through here?

  That unique heavenly son was not Jesus.  This Only-Begotten Son of God was Jehovah's chief messenger (angel) who is wickedly alleged to have come down to die for mankind only to go back up again -echoes of the Trinity all monotheists are still burdened with.


#1: No one came down* . . . and

#2: He was meant to die only for Israel, but saved

     just in the nick of time by that sheep Adam#2 Jesus.

#3: Mankind has no sin identified by God to be such for them,

     since they had no law, while sinning profoundly.

     For example: Cain was not executed for the murder of Abel

     because no law and attendant penalties had been provided by God.

     Jehovah even made sure to protect Cain for that very reason.

#4: Israel was the only and unique recipient of salvation, because

     only they had a law that condemned them to extinction

     through their persistent disobedience of a law that defined sin

     and the attendant individual and collective penalties for them.

* However, after Jesus had died by proxy in place of the heavenly only-begotten actually offered as per John 3:16, the heavenly only-begotten angelic son, now free to do as he wished after he stood up again from the virtual heavenly sacrificial altar of God’s will after the death of the sheep Jesus, immediately came down* to encourage Jesus' disciples who were at a great loss at their Lord' death, not at all conversant with Jehovah's purpose.   It was he who ascended back to heaven in Acts 1:9.

* as he had at the Exodus when he lead God's firstborn son
(Exodus 4:22) out of Egypt and on many other occasions.  

The reality that no one wishes to acknowledge from Scripture is:

Jehovah did offer His only-begotten heavenly son for the world of Israel as per John 3:16, who were condemned to death  — please check out the original Greek word via Strong's definition of that world used there link.

  Like Abraham's only begotten son, was Jehovah's heavenly only begotten also saved by a sheep of a different kind: Jesus, who, like that sheep caught in the thicket is now in that same place of no-return, as are all sacrifices in the whole of human history.


True, Jesus was a human, which ought to qualify him for a return if it had not been for the fact that he had not received his life from Adam down the procreative chain of fathers, while inheriting his humanness from a descendant of Adam: Mary.  Jesus was a special creation as was the red heifer bred only for a sacrificial purpose.

  That is why Jesus is the second Adam by virtue of having received his life directly from Jehovah as did the first Adam.

  It was because Jesus did not cherish the hope of a return in a resurrection, the prerogative of only Adam's descendants, that Christians are finally able to understand Jesus' agony in the garden where he even sweated blood and tears.

  His sacrifice was unique in every way, both in the scope of what it accomplished for all humans to be blessed by that seed of Abraham he died for, and in the completeness and finality of his death.

  The Old Testament type of Abraham's virtual sacrifice of his uniquely-begotten son, only to be saved by a sheep that neither grew up in Abraham's household nor will ever be resurrected, as the pre-enactment type of the fulfilment in Jesus, has to be given precedence over Trinitarian fiddles in the NT to support a fictional Trinity that needs Jesus to go back up there, wherever, to retain the Trinity's viability.  And we, monotheists that we are and a people sincerely wanting to know and believe accurately, have not only inherited all that nonsense downloaded to us by the apostate establishment, but also tailored our doctrines and understanding of Jesus' role along Trinitarian lines, while not believing in that triune God of Roman fiction in the first place.

I shall take my leave, loving you all and wishing that some may subject themselves to Jehovah's word and continue to an ever greater degree.