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(A personal view)

It has been said, and still is, that the Aborigines have inhabited Australia for about 40,000 years. This may be difficult to accept in view of the history of population growth.


In the two centuries or so leading up to the 2000s the world population has exploded from around one thousand million to just on six and a half thousand million. It took in fact only the last 35 years of that period to actually double.

Taking the 40,000 bench-mark back to the year 1788 would make it 39,800 years of Aborigine habitation.

Now, even if one were to take the very conservative average of 400 years for a population to double, it would take:

39,800/400 = 99.5 four hundred year time periods.

The following arbitrary equation should illustrate how unrealistic the figure of 40,000 years seems to be:

246 = 70,368,744,177,664

So after 'only' 46 time periods, and starting with just 2 people, the population would have reached the phenomenal figure of seventy million million, ‑remembering that the population of the entire earth has only recently reached:

6½ thousand million.

If 46 steps produce such a huge population, the Solar System would certainly overflow after 99.5 such steps, especially when one considers that 47 such increments, which is just one more step, would double an already phenomenally large number to:


with fifty‑two steps to go to meet the 39,800 year criteria at year 1788, which would lead to an incomprehensible total of:

299.5 = 896,364,335,670,000,000,000,000,000,000,

but at which time (1788) the native population of Australia was estimated to have been no more than one million - and that after nearly 40.000 years?

Without decimating diseases, brought only later by the white colonists, no ravaging wars to contend with and an absence of major predators, the Aboriginal inhabitants could easily have doubled their population at the leisurely pace of once every 400 years some 100 times over 40,000 years to reach a figure of some:

2100 = 1,267,650,600,100,000,000,000,000,000,000 people.*

NOTE: what this will do for the Paleolithic time-period from some 3 million years ago to about 12000 BC, during which time primitive man is thought to have appeared. This period is divided into Lower, Middle and Upper Paleolithic ages, in the latter of which Homo Sapiens* (modern man) supposedly made his debut, around 35000BC.

The mind boggles.

22 November, 1988 (revised: November, 1991 and 2004)

Further thoughts:

The arguments used against the above will be in keeping with the survival-of-the-fittest routine, so routinely applied as a poultice to the running sores of evolution.

Nature was considered to be the enemy; something to be subdued - a philosophy well supported by the chemical industry, supplying the subduing agents.

So, it will be argued that hardly enough procreation could have taken place to substantiate even the 400 year doubling scenario; quite ludicrous really, in view of man's two most basic, innate drives: survival and sex.

Just looking at many of the world's ‘primitive’ societies' capacity to produce offspring and survive, lends support to the assertion that man would have proliferated indeed, as suggested earlier.

In an interview on ABC Radio some years ago, an author spoke about a book on Singing Crustaceans and other oceanic troubadours, he had just published. During the course of the conversation, he mentioned that he never even received one scratch, during all of his 10000 diving endeavours in most of the world's oceans. He simply tried to make the point, that the oceans are not the hostile environment they are generally thought to be.

The same point is valid also with respect to the earth, in that it is not at all as hostile as it is made out to be, particularly as this argument is used to support the sheer lack of human numbers after a supposed presence of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of years.

Ancient civilizations have succeeded in the not too distant past, to manage their environment into a desert waste in only a very short space of time. A recent television series entitled Far from Paradise, made this very point rather lucidly. Just imagine, if mankind had been around for the claimed evolutionary time periods of millions of years, they would have rendered the whole planet into a useless waste a long time ago.  Please see picture on the Exponential-Pop page.

Having made the point, I shall take my leave forthwith.

On second thoughts, let me make another, even more profound point that no Aboriginal of whatever percentage mix alive today would have ever existed if the Europeans had not come to Australasia.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. All humans are accidents of lust.

2. The newly arrived Europeans profoundly interfered with the social fabric of Aboriginal society in whatever direct and subtle ways this may have occurred.

a) Warring and the resulting deaths of many native peoples.

b) Persecution and  the new diseases wrought havoc among them.

3. So, many couples would have never met.

4. and even if they had, the timing of their sexual union would only need to have been altered ever so slightly, to produce an entirely different human of whatever gender,

5. Thus disrupting the chain of their progeny precipitating today's population mix.

6. Finally this original thought:
 None of the
part aboriginals would ever have existed without the Caucasian, Semitic or even Afghani whitish man.

Not that Aboriginals ought to thank the Europeans for their existence,  but neither should the Europeans be expected to ask for forgiveness and/or to provide compensation or return ‘their’ land etc. -many could not and would not want to exist now without many of the techno-trimmings of today's Australian society.

Same thing happened when the Romans invaded central Europe and Britain.

Should I ask the Italian Government to apologize to me and compensate me for the cultural losses incurred?

Had the Romans not invaded Germania, I would never have been born.

This scenario applies to all original inhabitants of any region.

Anyway, even they had originally invaded a land, albeit an empty one, as they migrated from the place of human origin somewhere in the Middle East.

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