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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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But to continue with the scriptural indictment of Israel, not devoid of hope:

All the verses here are from the NWT of Jehovah's Witnesses and were initially meant to familiarize them with my Israel discoveries.   But since Christianity as a whole also subscribe to the same basic false doctrines, I though it a waste to now replace the verses from that excellent translation with others equally excellent to varying degrees.

28 “But where are your gods that you have made for yourself? Let them rise up if they can save you in the time of your calamity. For as the number of your cities your gods have become, O Judah. 29 “‘Why do you people keep contending against me? Why have you transgressed, all of you, against me?’ is the utterance of Jehovah. 30 To no effect I have struck your sons. No discipline did they take. your sword has devoured your prophets, like a lion that is causing ruin. 31 O generation, see for yourselves the word of Jehovah. “Have I become a mere wilderness to Israel or a land of intense darkness? Why is it that these, my people, have said, ‘We have roamed. We shall come to you no more’? 32 Can a virgin forget her ornaments, a bride her breastbands? And yet my own people—they have forgotten me days without number. 33 “Why do you, O woman, improve your way in order to look for love? Therefore it has also been in bad things that you have taught your ways. 34 Also, in your skirts there have been found the blood marks of the souls of the innocent poor ones. Not in the act of breaking in have I found them, but [they are] upon all these. 35 “But you say, ‘I have remained innocent. Surely his anger has turned back from me.’ “Here I am entering into controversy with you on account of your saying, ‘I have not sinned.’* 36 Why do you treat as very insignificant the changing of your way? Of Egypt, too, you will become ashamed, just as you became ashamed of As·syr´i·a. 37 For this cause also you will go forth with your hands upon your head, because Jehovah has rejected the objects of your confidence, and you will have no success with them.”
3 1 There is a saying: “If a man should send away his wife and she should actually go away from him and become another man’s, should he return to her anymore?” Has that land not positively been polluted? “And you yourself have committed prostitution with many companions; and should there be a returning to me?” is the utterance of Jehovah. 2 “Raise your eyes to the beaten paths and see. Where is it that you have not been raped? Alongside the ways you have sat for them, like an Arabian in the wilderness; and you keep polluting the land with your acts of prostitution and with your badness. 3 So copious showers are withheld, and not even a spring rain has occurred. And the forehead of a wife committing prostitution is what has become yours. you have refused to feel humiliated. 4 Have you from now on called out to me, ‘My Father, you are the confidential friend of my youth! 5 Should one stay resentful to time indefinite, or keep watching [something] forever?’ Look! you have spoken, and you went on to do bad things and prevail.”

6 And Jehovah proceeded to say to me in the days of Jo·si´ah the king: “‘Have you seen what unfaithful Israel has done? She is going upon every high mountain and underneath every luxuriant tree, that she may commit prostitution there.
(Jeremiah 2:28-3:6)
 * 1 John 1:8-10

7 How can I forgive you for this very thing? your own sons have left me, and they keep swearing by what is no God. And I kept satisfying them, but they continued committing adultery, and to the house of a prostitute woman they go in troops. 8 Horses seized with sexual heat, having [strong] testicles, they have become. They neigh each one to the wife of his companion. 9 “Should I not take an accounting because of these very things?” is the utterance of Jehovah. “Or upon a nation that is like this should not my soul avenge itself?” 10 “Come up against her [vine] rows and cause ruin, but do not you men make an actual extermination. Take away her luxuriating shoots, for they do not belong to Jehovah. 11 For the house of Israel and the house of Judah have positively dealt treacherously with me,” is the utterance of Jehovah. 12 “They have denied Jehovah, and they keep saying, ‘He is not. And upon us no calamity will come, and no sword or famine shall we see.’ 13 And the prophets themselves become a wind, and the word is not in them. That is how it will be done to them.” 14 Therefore this is what Jehovah, the God of armies, has said: “For the reason that you men are saying this thing, here I am making my words in your mouth a fire, and this people will be pieces of wood, and it will certainly devour them.” (Jeremiah 5:7-14)

24 Look! Jehovah is emptying the land and laying it waste, and he has twisted the face of it and scattered its inhabitants. 2 And it must come to be the same for the people as for the priest; the same for the servant as for his master; the same for the maidservant as for her mistress; the same for the buyer as for the seller; the same for the lender as for the borrower; the same for the interest taker as for the one paying the interest. 3 Without fail the land will be emptied, and without fail it will be plundered, for Jehovah himself has spoken this word. 4 The land has gone to mourning, has faded away. The productive land has withered, has faded away. The high ones of the people of the land have withered. 5 And the very land has been polluted under its inhabitants, for they have bypassed the laws, changed the regulation, broken the indefinitely lasting covenant. 6 That is why the curse itself has eaten up the land, and those inhabiting it are held guilty. That is why the inhabitants of the land have decreased in number, and very few mortal men have remained over. (Isaiah 24:1-6)

61 The spirit of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah is upon me, for the reason that Jehovah has anointed me to tell good news to the meek ones. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to those taken captive and the wide opening [of the eyes] even to the prisoners; 2 to proclaim the year of goodwill on the part of Jehovah and the day of vengeance on the part of our God; to comfort all the mourning ones; 3 to assign to those mourning over Zion, to give them a headdress instead of ashes, the oil of exultation instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of the downhearted spirit; and they must be called big trees of righteousness, the planting of Jehovah, for [him] to be beautified.

4 And they must rebuild the long-standing devastated places; they will raise up even the desolated places of former times, and they will certainly make anew the devastated cities, the places desolate for generation after generation. 5 “And strangers will actually stand and shepherd the flocks of you people, and the foreigners will be your farmers and your vinedressers. 6 And as for you, the priests of Jehovah you will be called; the ministers of our God you will be said to be. The resources of the nations you people will eat, and in their glory you will speak elatedly about yourselves. 7 Instead of your shame there will be a double portion, and instead of humiliation they will cry out joyfully over their share. Therefore in their land they will take possession of even a double portion. Rejoicing to time indefinite is what will come to be theirs. 8 For I, Jehovah, am loving justice, hating robbery along with unrighteousness. And I will give their wages in trueness, and an indefinitely lasting covenant I shall conclude toward them. 9 And their offspring will actually be known even among the nations, and their descendants in among the peoples. All those seeing them will recognize them, that they are the offspring whom Jehovah has blessed.”

10 Without fail I shall exult in Jehovah. My soul will be joyful in my God. For he has clothed me with the garments of salvation; with the sleeveless coat of righteousness he has enwrapped me, like the bridegroom who, in a priestly way, puts on a headdress, and like the bride who decks herself with her ornamental things. 11 For as the earth itself brings forth its sprout, and as the garden itself makes the things that are sown in it sprout, in like manner the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will cause the sprouting of righteousness and of praise in front of all the nations.

62 For the sake of Zion I shall not keep still, and for the sake of Jerusalem I shall not stay quiet until her righteousness goes forth just like the brightness, and her salvation like a torch that burns.

2 “And the nations will certainly see your righteousness, [O woman,] and all kings your glory. And you will actually be called by a new name, which the very mouth of Jehovah will designate. 3 And you must become a crown of beauty in the hand of Jehovah, and a kingly turban in the palm of your God. 4 No more will you be said to be a woman left entirely; and your own land will no more be said to be desolate; but you yourself will be called My Delight Is in Her, and your land Owned as a Wife. For Jehovah will have taken delight in you, and your own land will be owned as a wife. 5 For just as a young man takes ownership of a virgin as his wife, your sons will take ownership of you as a wife. And with the exultation of a bridegroom over a bride, your God will exult even over you. 6 Upon your walls, O Jerusalem, I have commissioned watchmen. All day long and all night long, constantly, let them not keep still.

“you who are making mention of Jehovah, let there be no silence on your part, 7 and do not give him any silence until he fixes solidly, yes, until he sets Jerusalem as a praise in the earth.”

8 Jehovah has sworn with his right hand and with his strong arm: “I will no more give your grain as food to your enemies, nor will foreigners drink your new wine, for which you have toiled. 9 But the very ones gathering it will eat it, and they will be certain to praise Jehovah; and the very ones collecting it will drink it in my holy courtyards.”

10 Pass out, pass out through the gates, you men. Clear the way of the people. Bank up, bank up the highway. Rid [it] of stones. Raise up a signal for the peoples.

11 Look! Jehovah himself has caused [it] to be heard to the farthest part of the earth: “Say, you people, to the daughter of Zion, ‘Look! your salvation is coming. Look! The reward he gives is with him, and the wages he pays are before him.’”

12 And men will certainly call them the holy people, those repurchased by Jehovah; and you yourself will be called Searched For, a City Not Left Entirely.
(Isaiah 61:1-62:12)

18 “In those days they will walk, the house of Judah alongside the house of Israel, and together they will come out of the land of the north into the land that I gave as a hereditary possession to your forefathers. 19 And I myself have said, ‘O how I proceeded to place you among the sons and to give you the desirable land, the hereditary possession of the ornament of the armies of the nations!’ And I further said, ‘“My Father!” you people will call out to me, and from following me you people will not turn back.’ 20 ‘Truly [as] a wife has treacherously gone from her companion, so you, O house of Israel, have dealt treacherously with me,’ is the utterance of Jehovah.” (Jeremiah 3:18-20)

11 And he went on to say to me: “Son of man, as regards these bones, they are the whole house of Israel. Here they are saying, ‘Our bones have become dry, and our hope has perished. We have been severed off to ourselves.’ 12 Therefore prophesy, and you must say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Here I am opening your burial places, and I will bring you up out of your burial places, O my people, and bring you in upon the soil of Israel. 13 And you will have to know that I am Jehovah when I open your burial places and when I bring you up out of your burial places, O my people.”’ 14 ‘And I will put my spirit in you, and you must come to life, and I will settle you upon your soil; and you will have to know that I myself, Jehovah, have spoken and I have done [it],’ is the utterance of Jehovah.”

15 And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying: 16 “And as for you, O son of man, take for yourself a stick and write upon it, ‘For Judah and for the sons of Israel his partners.’ And take another stick and write upon it, ‘For Joseph, the stick of E´phra·im, and all the house of Israel his partners.’ 17 And cause them to approach each other into one stick for yourself, and they will actually become just one in your hand. 18 And when the sons of your people begin to say to you, ‘Will you not tell us what these things mean to you?’ 19 speak to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Here I am taking the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of E´phra·im, and the tribes of Israel his partners, and I will put them upon it, that is, the stick of Judah, and I shall actually make them one stick, and they must become one in my hand.”’ 20 And the sticks upon which you write must prove to be in your hand before their eyes.

21 “And speak to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Here I am taking the sons of Israel from among the nations to which they have gone, and I will collect them together from round about and bring them onto their soil. 22 And I shall actually make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel, and one king is what all of them will come to have as king, and they will no longer continue to be two nations, nor will they be divided any longer into two kingdoms. 23 And they will no longer defile themselves with their dungy idols and with their disgusting things and with all their transgressions; and I shall certainly save them from all their dwelling places in which they have sinned, and I will cleanse them, and they must become my people, and I myself shall become their God.

24 “‘“And my servant David will be king over them, and one shepherd is what they will all come to have; and in my judicial decisions they will walk, and my statutes they will keep, and they will certainly carry them out. 25 And they will actually dwell upon the land that I gave to my servant, to Jacob, in which your forefathers dwelt, and they will actually dwell upon it, they and their sons and their sons’ sons to time indefinite, and David my servant will be their chieftain to time indefinite.

26 “‘“And I will conclude with them a covenant of peace; an indefinitely lasting covenant is what there will come to be with them. And I will place them and multiply them and place my sanctuary in the midst of them to time indefinite. 27 And my tabernacle will actually prove to be over them, and I shall certainly become their God, and they themselves will become my people. 28 And the nations will have to know that I, Jehovah, am sanctifying Israel when my sanctuary comes to be in the midst of them to time indefinite.”’” (Ezekiel 37:11-28)

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