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About the Hebrews phrase Strong's # 05769 05703 translated
time indefinite or/even forever  in the NWT prior to 2013

The NWT published by the Jehovah's Witnesses in the 1950s use an interesting way to translate Strong's Hebr. H5769 with time indefinite, which, in combination with H5703, reinforces the usual forever and ever with the unique permanence of time indefinite even forever or versions thereof.  


H5769 has been riding comfortably in Genesis 3:22 of that relatively fine translation with time indefinite, which is not quite the 'eternal life' of their misguided convictions.   They have therefore replaced that with forever in their 2013 revision as it is in almost all other translations.

Everlasting life is a disgusting illusionary carrot dangled before the beguiled for conformity and subservience to the denomination of their choice in Christianity.


The guaranteed permanence of the earth* and other celestial structures* conveyed convincingly in verses of the Psalms by means of the combo ad 05703 עַד and olam 05769  עוֹלָם  now read as do all others: forever and ever.   It lost the profound depth of the eternal infinity intended to be conveyed by the text in ways I am barely able to adequately express.  

* Psalm 104:5,

* Psalm 148:6,

In almost every instance where the two Hebrew nouns Strong's # 05769 owlam and 05703 ad occur together in the same verse, the NWT renders it time indefinite or/even forever.

Does the use of that phrase in Exodus 15:18 not indicate an eternally permanent connection between Israel and the promised territory on earth assigned to them after the Exodus?  Or does it, because that how it is generally literally applied by Christianity?  Jehovah's Witnesses work around that by creating a New, spiritual Israel in their doctrinal mindset.  

However, the land of Israel's temporary residence is the type of that, impossible to depict in human terms, place of their God-intended destiny in heaven.  

Their land on earth, including Jerusalem and its temple, were as fleetingly transitory as was the Law at Sinai, which enslaved them to servitude in the manner of Hagar -Galatians 4:21-31.

The song of Moses in Exodus 15 uses that phrase in verse 18, where it is usually translated:  Jehovah shall reign forever <05769> and ever <05703>* without the special depth of the '84 NWT:

Jehovah will rule as king to time indefinite <05769>, even forever <05703>,

where it points to something far beyond Israel’s temporary sojourn under the Law.

* good to read whole chapter

This is certainly evidenced by the Apostle John in Revelation 15:3 where the saints, having the harps of God, sing that very same song of Moses:

2 And I saw what seemed to be a glassy sea mingled with fire, and those who come off victorious from the wild beast and from its image and from the number of its name standing by the glassy sea, having harps of God. 3 And they are singing the song of Moses the slave of God and the song of the Lamb, saying:

“Great and wonderful are your works, Jehovah God, the Almighty. Righteous and true are your ways, King of eternity.  NWT

with their identity confirmed earlier in Revelation 5:8-10 in the manner of the 24 priestly divisions in Israel under the Law by the 24 elders:

And when He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four Elders fell down before the Lamb, having each of them a harp and bringing golden bowls full of incense, which represent the prayers of God’s people.  9 And now they sing a new song. "It is fitting," they say, "that Thou shouldst be the One to take the book And break its seals; Because Thou hast been offered in sacrifice, And hast purchased for God with Thine own blood Some out of every tribe and language and people and nation, 10 And hast formed them into a Kingdom to be priests to our God, And they reign over the earth."  Darby

More about Israel here.

Strong's dictionary definitions relative to that phrase, while recognising
that Strong was also beholden to false inherited doctrines:

Every instance where the two Hebrew words 05769 עוֹלָם owlam and 05703 עַד ad occur together in the same verse, it indicates a very special kind of permanence as in time indefinite or/even forever.  

That expression of permanence is never used with reference to Israel under the law, their place on earth, their law covenant, the throne of David, kingdom or any covenant made with humans.

That phrasing is exclusively connected to Jehovah's sovereignty and the physical structures of the Universe He had fashioned like the earth, the sun, starry heavens etc. -see this link

Definitive overview via the Online Bible:

Some of the verses from Exodus 15:

13 You in your loving-kindness have led the people whom you have recovered;

You in your strength will certainly conduct them to your holy abiding place.

14 Peoples must hear, they will be agitated;

Birth pangs must take hold on the inhabitants of Phi‧lis´ti‧a.

15 At that time the sheiks of E´dom will indeed be disturbed;

As for the despots of Mo´ab, trembling will take hold on them.

All the inhabitants of Ca´naan will indeed be disheartened.

16 Fright and dread will fall upon them.

Because of the greatness of your arm they will be motionless like a stone,

Until your people pass by, O Jehovah,

Until the people whom you have produced pass by.

17 You will bring them and plant them in the mountain of your inheritance,

An established place that you have made ready for you to inhabit, O Jehovah,

A sanctuary, O Jehovah, that your hands have established.

18 Jehovah will rule as king to time indefinite, even forever.

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