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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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The Whys, Wherefores and the reality (not theory) of everything

Is the question ‘Why did God create humans?’  a thing too far?

From a divine being, generally viewed as inscrutable and impossible to become acquainted with and understand, it must be.

Yet God has profoundly exposed Himself by pouring his mind and heart out upon humanity in word and deed through Scripture and Creation.  

But none are listening and seeing nor really wishing to, while searching diligently for the wrong reasons besotted as they are with their own salvation by God, tribe or dream-time destinies.

When all the seven creative days have completed their run, will the results be as God had intended or will it be along the lines of the current mad ad hoc unguided present?

Jesus' words in Matthew 11:19: “ . . . wisdom is proved righteous by its works.” correlate perfectly with the folksy, often self-justifying proverb: The end justifies the means except for the end here predetermined by God while the means between intent and accomplishment may vary considerably to deal with contingencies.  

God creating Adam had a dual purpose:

  1. The beginning of populating the universe with fleshly images of Himself . . . and
  2. Generating His own heavenly family of divine sons from these.

To prioritise either is irrelevant.  They are two interconnected facets of one purpose

He would only use faithful and completely trustworthy individuals from #1 to be elevated to #2: full sonship.

How did I ever come up with God needing a family of His own?

Do the only-begotten chief or archangel, the multitude of the angel kind of creatures and humanity's teeming images of Himself not suffice?

What a massive family!  Or are they?

Well, none are of His own kind to have a true family to if His own kind with.
Not even the human variety would suffice, though created in His very own image.

To truly understand Jehovah and his heartfelt longing for an intimate family of His own, it will be of benefit to look more closely at the angels.

Having no gender, some have in the past envied the God-given human potential for family and sexual intimacy.  Some Angels were so overcome to join Satan in his rebellion against God.  

Then there are women, who postponed the bearing of children or avoiding it altogether for status-related and other causes, but later yearned for the delights of motherhood intimacy, often leaving it too late, much to their regrets.

How about firstborn sons in many a human family who followed in his footsteps and advice, a father would be rightly proud of and delight in.

Combine these scenarios and think that Jehovah, Creator of the capacity for humans to experience the entire alphabet of emotional scales in others to their finest and most intimate nuances, while personally NEVER actually able to experience the intimacy of fatherhood and the personal pride and satisfaction in the accomplishments of many sons He generated, taught in ever so many ways and was the example of to imitate.

Can you even conceive the depth of Jehovah's yearning?  He who created the ability in humans and watched them experience such intimacy, was unable to do so Himself!

The irony of it.  But it certainly enable us made-like-God-images* to understand Him and the reason for our existence.
For a major aside about who we really are and why, please click on this link

After Adam's failure to willingly yield to and cooperate with his God and Father, God's purpose also included founding of the temporary world of the people Israel represented in the New Testament with Strong's Greek 2889.

So from Adam's ‘I will do my own thing’ to the end of the seventh creative day, Jehovah's focus is solely on the temporary means to accomplish His original purpose: His firstborn son, the people Israel who became the first to be especially called as a people to contribute to Jehovah's heavenly family of divine sons.

There is really little else I can add other than related matters previously raised on these and other pages on my website: Conclusion and Israel.

Please keep on digging and enjoy the journey