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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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Sons of God

What are they and only what could they be?

Some baseline questions:
In animalia: are mice sons of elephant, elephants sons of mouse?  
Or perhaps whales sons of mosquito; snakes sons of leopard?

What you may ask is the point of all this nonsense?   Precisely!

All offspring need to be, and are, of the same kind.

The phrase sons of God is tossed willy nilly into our brains by christianity without qualification of any kind. ;-)

So, how does the serious searcher for biblical wisdom and truth deal with the conundrums arising from the phrase sons of God in the Bible?

Are male fish rhinoceroses or dragon flies?

Same silly stuff as above where scientists (séancists?) have set their own evolving baselines.

Who really are and only can be sons of God?

They need to be of the same kind, stuff, substance, power and ability of their father!

That would exclude biological and spiritological creatures at every and all levels of existence.

Why then appears the phrase in the Scriptures?

The primary reason is that, whatever their kind, it was God who gave them life.

By virtue of giving life to them, He is their father who thus owns them.

That does not mean that an ant is a son of God, while certainly an offspring, a created being, a creature.

The phrase sons of God appears just 5 times in Old Testament writings and refers only to Angels i.e. programmable messengers:  Genesis 6:2, 4;  Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7 — link.

The New Testament has Son of God some 44 times where it is used with reference to Adam II Jesus before his death in execution for sinning against the Law of Moses as he substituted for Israel who died the penalty in him, and the only begotten angelic son of God after Jesus had died by proxy in his stead.

Touched on the when, the why and God’s original purpose here: link.

Humans were made in their Creator's image.

The learned members of human society frequently sneer at the very idea of a creator and use their God-given intelligence to pontificate that the stupid masses have created God in their own image instead.   Pity be upon them.

Please spend some time on this page to fully grasp your own magnificence.

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