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How and for whom was the Christ a forerunner?

Jesus was the last in the line of Davidic Kings to rule Israel.

To really understand this, one must recall that changing the nature of Israel's administration from tribal to Kingdom was never Jehovah's purpose in the first place, but resulted solely in response to the people's demands, who, like little children, desired to have a king with all the fancy trimmings like the other tribes around them.

So, after warning them of the extra burdens that would place upon the people, He resigned himself to their wishes and constituted His people into a temporary kingdom integrated into His purpose.

The heavenly only-begotten of God could never lie claim to David's throne and rule Israel because he was not of the same kind, but just an Angel, though Arch he be.

When Jesus died by proxy in place of the heavenly only-begotten of God actually offered as per John 3:16, he bequeathed everything he was, had been and become to that heavenly only-begotten angel who was to be elevated to full divine sonship, along with his 143999 brothers making up the little flock to be the kingdom of the 1000 years, in reward for willingly submitting himself to be offered as a sacrifice to save the World (Strong 2889) of Jehovah's firstborn son Israel —– Exodus 4:22.

Two significant bequests the heavenly post-messianic son of God of the God kind inherited from the body of Jesus, is the office and designation Christ and forerunner.

Why do these labels remain attached to the divine son of God?  Simply because of the legitimacy of the inherited anointing and the office of King over Jehovah's firstborn son Israel still in the flesh as the anointed (Christian) Israel of God.

The first creation of God, the chief messenger (archangel) Michael, became the actual forerunner on the basis of Jesus death who prepared the way for 143999 Israelites from out of God's firstborn son Israel to also become sons of Jehovah's divine family of Gods, through the curtain of Jesus' flesh/life into God's most holy (clean, untarnished) heavenly presence.

Because of the nature of God solely-creating His only angelic creation without an assistant in the sense of only-begetting, his becoming a true son of the God kind as a reward for his faithful cooperation would also require that this change of identity from the created angel kind to the God kind, be reflected in his name or designation.

Thus would Michael not only be, but also forever be known as Jehovah's only-begotten son.

All 144000 are adopted into God's divine family of Gods with the forerunner the only angelic one, whereas the other 143999 from the created-in-God's-image human kind.

That forerunner was, of course, NOT Jesus, but he did lay the required foundation for this to occur with his death by proxy in place of the heavenly angelic son of God and in substitution for Jehovah's firstborn son Israel, while the heavenly one inherited all Jesus was and had become, including the name, status and right to be king over the Israel of God in the flesh until the end of their temporary sojourn.

In the heavenly administration of a thousand years, any distinction between king and subjects shall cease to exist, since the entire family of divine sons of Jehovah enjoy an equal status including His only-begotten angelic son, now heavenly Christ, who had inherited both the anointing and the forerunner ID.

Jesus had been a forerunning precursor, herald and signifier of magnificent events to follow according to God's purpose, but, having forfeited his life to save Jehovah's firstborn son Israel, not the very first to enter Jehovah's heavenly realm to literally become a son of the God kind.

That was reserved for Jehovah's heavenly only-begotten angelic son who ran ahead of his anointed brothers to have his faithfulness rewarded through becoming the very first true Son of the God kind with 143999 brothers drawn from earth yet to follow as part of Jehovah's very own heavenly family.

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