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The Flood of Noah - dream-time legend or reality?

As the floodlit slanging match between the two main protagonists Creationism and Atheism continues apace, a note of caution for both sides is not entirely inappropriate.

There is more than enough evidence that something catastrophic did happen on a global scale. For the details of the evidence of that reality or the arguments on either side of the debate, the Internet is the way to go to confuse you even more.  Most people just want confirmation for comfort in a stand already taken.

The biblical evidence needs to be noted first to set the scene.

The background is the creative week that began at verse 3 of Genesis Chapter 1, while verses 1 and 2 just set the creation of the universe, at whatever number of billions of earth-years ago, as the cosmic stage within which the earth-related creative activity to prepare it for human habitation takes place.  You could call that old earth science.

The creative days are 7000 years each with the last one, God's earth-related rest day, still (2012) short of a little over 1000 years before its concluding phrase evening morning seventh day is sounded, as it had for the preceding six days.

Only need to reverse engineer the exponential population growth to well and truly arrive at the floodgates of Noah's eight ark occupants.  Just now* while I was searching for the Chinese hieroglyph for ship which is supposed to reflect on the Ark with a combination of the characters vessel + eight, I chanced on the alleged age or ancientness of the Chinese Dynasty of: Emperor Huang Di (2697 - 2597 B.C.)  My Goodness, aren't they full of themselves and their importance!

* Feb 1 2012

Don't atheists, and the people who claim that as their heritage, just love those numbers.   I don't really care.  It will all be sorted when both, the participants of the events and the claimants of that alleged history, are restored to life for their deserved real chance for life denied them from Adam at which point they may just like to compare notes J.     

This BC figure is completely at odds with the time of the deluge that inundated part* of the planet in 2370 BCE. There were no Dynasties, no racial and ethnic divisions at that time among a population of only a very few million.

Please look at related info for a little more detail under the Atheism button on the above menu.

* Yes, part of the planet, as evidenced by the written, geological and biological record, enhanced with a bit of reasoning.

Whatever arguments the creationists and others who accept the Noah's ark as real may bring into play here,  no way would all kinds of living creatures that exist today have fitted into the ark, even representatively as core kinds.  There were no core-kinds to begin with. Differentiation was designed at the beginning.  Cat and dog breeders know that a cat is a cat as is a dog a dog, whatever the flavour of their makeup, so variety is not even being considered here.

Not only do the numbers of those who could not have survived otherwise match the ark's capacity, but the uniqueness of the great variety of closed ecosystems around the earth almost screams at the seeker of wisdom and truth that the method of imploding the water canopy -the aqua-sphere lifted up on the first creative day-  was a very different event indeed from that generally assumed.   It was very much controlled by the Designer and Purposer.

The fear merchants, who just love all the end-time scenarios to scare the guilt ridden into a fictitious salvation, had their translators lean every which way in the translation of the flood account to fit it in with their end-of-the-world game-play - that fiendish nonsense of God's anger, wrath and snorting vengeance against sinful mankind.

Please read the account from Genesis 7:17-24.   In this passage the primary Hebrew word translated earth is:

Strong's 0776 erets rendered in the AV-land 1543x, earth 712x, country 140x, ground 98x,

with Strong's 0127 adamah AV-land( s) 125x, earth 53x, ground 43x, country 1x  

playing second fiddle mostly translated land with a secondary definition earth.

What needs to be kept in mind is that all these deluge related Authorized King James Version renderings and that of many other translations, were end-time doctrine driven to convey the idea of global impact as a type for the earth wide antitypical destruction alleged to come upon the world of ‘sinful’ mankind.  The OT Prophets did not fare any better in that completely, disgustingly false and thoroughly deceptive attempt to support the inherited sin doctrine.

The Israelites in history under the law until the first Diaspora did not visualize the earth as a planet spinning in space. They were still children relative to what there was to discover about the broader environs of their habitat.

To those early Israelites, the word earth simply conveyed the idea of soil, ground and arable land, as is primarily the definition in English and German.

Cunningly using the word earth instead of land in specific verses of  the OT, translators steer the reader into false and distorted doctrinal territories utterly foreign to those to, for and within whom these accounts were written.   At that time and level of education, Earth as a planetary phenomenon would like landing on the moon be to Luther.

On day one, Jehovah engineered the lifting of some of the waters that covered the planet into a hovering sphere, which sudden pressure changes impacted on the crust/plates to a degree of altering elevation sufficiently to fashion mountains and valleys until a balance was reached.

When it was time for that watery sphere to implode, God likewise put measures into place that would control flow and inundation so that whatever he had decided would happen.   The impact of the deluge on Noah's territory was certainly mildly severe enough on a local level, but it was devastating in areas that needed major changes where entire mountain ranges were raised to greater heights, while other regions remained relatively unscathed.

The unique flora and fauna of Australia, New Zealand and that of many others lands could not have been restored after a global flood.   Oh yes, here comes the door stop: With God everything is possible!

Does anyone ever bother to find out in what context these words were uttered?

May I suggest to look them up and find that out for yourself!

God never created any other or more or whatever animals after the deluge.

Remember He rested creatively relative to the earth on the 7th as yet incomplete day of creation? J

The bulk of living creatures survived by being spared the trauma.  Proof?

Well, here from the NWT, where I had first discovered that:

8 And God went on to say to Noah and to his sons with him: 9 “And as for me, here I am establishing my covenant with you men and with your offspring after you, 10 and with every living soul that is with you, among fowls, among beasts and among all living creatures of the earth with you, from all those going out of the ark to every living creature of the earth. . (Genesis 9:8-10)

The following translations support this rendering that the popular modern ones have avoided:

King James Version,  The Catholic Douay,  JB2000, American KJ21, Rotherham, Webster, Young's Literal Translation
 - there may be many others.

Oh yes, the impact and the effects were earth wide.

Powerful forces were unleashed through this cataclysmic, yet controlled, global event.

But wonder of wonders there was rain now and blue skies for the very first time and direct sunlight to also interact with rain to produce the beautiful rainbow as a guarantee from the Creator Jehovah God that never would another global event like that ever occur again.

What do the atheistic scientists do with the evidence of coal and oil deposits in the Arctic regions and especially in Antarctica where forests previously abounded?  

They invented:

- Gondwanaland -

Probably conceived by a  jigsaw-puzzled child or perhaps an atheist scientist equally puzzled who invented this theory of Continental drift.  It has nothing to do with tectonic plate adjustment at the boundaries.

Like expansion-joints in many a ‘rigid’ structure, they allow the plates to adjust to pressure and temperature variations, but not travel thousands of miles.

Anyway, this breakfast cereal box idea has given rise to the idea of super continents existing in the distant past as per this great animation here, the author of which I also like to thank herewith:

Not conceding the biblical reality of the pre-deluge existence of a protective water canopy around the earth and the consequential warmer temperatures, this idea of  Gonewonderland has taken hold.

‘Hang on there!’ exclaims another cereal box devotee, ‘don't the shapes of continents sorta match and fit OK one against the other?’   

Brilliant deduction!

I know, being extreme science and all, that must almost be beyond comprehension, but:

so do opposite river banks!

Oceanic Rivers have likewise carved their stream-beds just as have rivers as part of the design:

As the chicken and the egg would have it, are the oceanic streams simply the result of the current position of the land masses that would change as these reposition themselves or is that part of the exquisite design to air-condition the planet in addition to providing weather predictability, energy for sailing ships and food in abundance?

Just look online for the magnificence of the many oceanic currents at different levels.

No accident that.

Ok then, what about arctic oil and coal deposits?

Here is a deluge related little essay I penned some years back.  It may repeat some of what I have already said above:

The Sunday September 19 2004 ABC program Compass about Noah's Flood was a complete fairy-tale.

For a bit of an answer:

The presenter kept referring to a picture book story of Noah's flood  for children rather than the Bible, though the word Bible was used, but without any actual references thereto other than to interpret the poetic expression springs of the watery deep as water fountains from some ridiculously supposed reservoir inside the earth the bible writers were supposed to be in delusion of.

A ship was indicated as having been the saving ark.

The Bible indicates that the Ark was not a boat/ship, but a rectangular box.  It did not have nor need a pointed bow, since it just have to float and not go anywhere in particular.

Noah's three sons were married adults who along with their wives helped in the construction and other work associated with the whole project.

Only animals drawing breath on dry land at the local level perished.

What on earth did all the animals do to deserve such cataclysmic destruction?  One would have to be religious and stupidly devoid of intelligence and wisdom to conjure up such nonsense.

There are scriptural references that indicate that not all areas of the earth were inundated.  Was the entire planet covered for a year?  No!

Did it rain?  No!  The word is simply used so that readers familiar with rain could understand from which direction the water was coming.

Originally, during God's preparing the water-covered earth for human occupation he caused some of the water covering the earth to be horizontally lifted and suspended above a hollow biosphere containing the earth’s atmosphere, much like a canopy or a garden hot-house roof of translucent glass.  Heavenly objects were indistinct:

(Genesis 1:6-7) 6 And God went on to say: “Let an expanse come to be in between the waters and let a dividing occur between the waters and the waters.” 7 Then God proceeded to make the expanse and to make a division between the waters that should be beneath the expanse and the waters that should be above the expanse. . . .

All living creatures on the earth were thus protected from the detrimental effects of cosmic radiation and it also created a subtropical climate right around the planet due to the exclusion of the cold of space, creating a hothouse effect.  This made possible profuse growth of forests and other vegetation in what are now arctic and antarctic regions around the poles. There was no rain.  The ground was watered by a heavy dew.

The removal of the water from the earth impacted on a crust previously held in equilibrium, resulting in crustal changes as intended by Jehovah.

When the water sphere or canopy imploded and collapsed back on to the earth, initiated and controlled by God so as to ensure safe passage for the eight humans in the ark, the impact was quite profound in more ways than one.

Tectonic plates reacted causing with chasms and valleys to form and mountains to ascent to new heights.  Many forests were buried deeply in clefts and chasms, allowing us to reap the benefits in mineral oil, coal and diamonds.

Increased impact of cosmic radiation, due to the collapse of the protective shield, also resulted the reduced life spans of animals and specifically man from almost 1000 years to the biblical threescore and ten to fourscore years with a score being 20.

In some parts of the earth where the torrent was greatest, Mammoths were swept by mud flows, snap-frozen and buried in arctic permafrost.  Other large antediluvian animals in mixed groups whole or mangled, were swept along and buried in pits and chasms.  God evidently decided that their work of enriching the soil had been done.

It was only after the flood that the sun shone and it rained as it does today. In this manner Jehovah provided something new to guarantee that he will never again bring such a deluge: the Rainbow, needing rain and sunshine could never have appeared before.

The cultural heritage of many Civilizations and tribes around the earth include handed down versions of the flood account with many details similar to the original.

References made to Animals depicted as clean and unclean was also for the benefit of Jewish readers, since the Law about these matters was still 860 years into the future.  No meat at all was eaten before the flood and no direction respecting these matters was ever given to humans before this event.

But to terminate this deluge of words about the Deluge:

behold the end of this page