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How long are the Genesis' Days of Creation?

A foray into the Internet with the above question will yield a host from: indeterminable, 24 hours, varying lengths, 1000 years, 7000 years to ‘truths’ of other flavours.

I hope I can inject a little sanity into this debate with my discoveries.

My thanks must go to Mr W. I. Mann who contributed an article to the original Bible Student's Zion’s Watchtower in December 1881.

There may have been others who explained that in earlier times, but stymied through efforts of the universal (catholic) apostate church and her progeny.

There is really little else for me to say here except that all and sundry miss the magnificence of the Pentecost Jubilee day of firstfruits every time.


Whenever I read Genesis during the earlier days of my discovery years, I was struck by day seven not having the concluding phrase like the preceding six.

Should God's earth-related rest day vary in length from the other 6 creative days? Stupid question, since individual days, weeks, months, seasons and years in each set have consistently been of the same length in all of history, because they are part of Jehovah's glorious mechanical design of our solar system.

In our every day week of seven days we easily accept that all have the same length.  So did the Israelites/Jews under the Law with the seventh a Sabbath.  

Anytime during that seventh day did the people ever think that it may be of a different length that the preceding six?  No!  Just read the entire O.T. documentation to verify.

Anyway, the first day concludes with this phrase in verse 5: And the evening and the morning were the first day, which draws a line under the first day.

Days 2-6 have the same concluding line-draw.  The Apostle Paul indicates in Hebrews chapter four that this last, the seventh creative day or epoch of Jehovah's earth-related rest was still continuing in his time as it was at the time of King David –Psalm 95:7-8.   

So, right to the end of the Bible book of Revelation there is no concluding phrase for day seven.  This means that, because we are at almost 6000 years since God's creative earth-related rest began soon after Adam ‘sinned’, with a 1000 year Kingdom of God to follow, the seventh day of creation must equal 7000 years.

This makes the whole of the creative ‘week’ 49000 years, with a fiftieth 1000 year epoch to follow, which will be the greatest Pentecost Jubilee of all time when Jehovah resumes direct creative admin control over the earth to complete His specifically humanity-related task of creation by permanently removing the disobedient angelic overlords and setting humankind finally free from default death.

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