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In defence of the sidelined God Jehovah, Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity

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The one who painted the Mona Lisa was no virus,

neither is He who fashioned the rose.

Atheism is when the pot says to the potter: YOU DID NOT MAKE ME!

But that's apotterism not atheism, surely.

15 Woe to those who are going very deep in concealing counsel from Jehovah himself, and whose deeds have occurred in a dark place, while they say: “Who is seeing us, and who is knowing of us?”  16 The perversity of you men! Should the potter himself be accounted just like the clay? For should the thing made say respecting its maker: “He did not make me”? And does the very thing formed actually say respecting its former: “He showed no understanding”? (Isaiah 29:15-16)  NWT

Atheism really takes the cake.  I mean, how can anyone be an atheist or an against-god-person when there isn't one to be against in the first place ?

What they really mean off-course, is that an atheist is one who opposes the God idea, philosophy or as some very unremarkable* people have termed it: the God-virus.

* Then again, this word self-destructs the moment one makes a remark about the wearer of that label.

So, Atheists are indeed quite remarkable, judging by the remarks by those of that other ism: Theism.

Atheism is just another religion, since it is all about God and the people who think they have a foot in the door of heaven.  

Just heard of the demise of one truly remarkable Christopher Hitchens December 2011.

Copied the following from an email I wrote as a kind of tribute to Mr Hitchens to one Jerry A. Coyne author of  Why Evolution is True:

In ways unbeknown to him, Mr Hitchens, unhitched from the living and in no man's or any land, has contributed to this site by his remarkable presence and insightful remarks about religion and social imponderables. He has not so much opened my eyes to the evils of religion, the Bible had done that for me already, but reinforced what I had already discerned.  Anyway, there isn't a single religion from or fashioned by God.

All religion are man made, the product of tribe. Hence the religion-geography interconnect. Christianity is simply the worst of a bad bunch comprising the Guilt Industry. How is it tribal? By becoming the church of whatever government in its denominational realm. All government are married to the state church which in her disgusting harlotry offers up the young men of the realm in sacrifice to their alleged god in tribal war games - for profit in all its guises

One of the issues of my site is the mindset of a set mind common to all religion, atheism no exception. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . . ? Same mindset. Same attitudes. All in the name of freedom.

Freethinkers? you gotta be kiddin'! Disagree with their tribal mores and beware of the consequences, like I was after 1/2 a century: burned at the stake. Is there not a song that captures the spirit: Burned free, as free as the wind blows?

Well, something like that anyway.

God bears no malice toward Christopher Hitchens. If asked, He would praise Christopher for his antichristian stand. To rid the earth of religion would be the very best peace initiative.

Mr. Hitchens did not transgress anything, because there was/is nothing in law from God for humans to transgress, because there is no law from God for humans to transgress. Am I getting through here?

That LAW at MT Sinai, you know the one Moses was involved with, was just the constitution for Israel.  Mankind was NEVER subject to that.  But, oh boy, wasn't it a God-sent for Christianity to use as a cudgel to control populations in cahoots with the ruling elite?  All played out accompanied by the comforting medley of inherent sin and the dangling carrot of salvation to drown out the cries of the cudgeled.

Science be better served to reverse engineer the exponential population explosion than to throw the baby out with the bath-water, as it were, in their righteous haste to get rid of religion and ignore the one who has never stated in the manual, variously known as the Torah, the Bible, the book of the people of the book (to give it its short name), THE Scriptures or the word of God, that the universe got big-banged into history only a little over 6000 years ago.

That is not in the manual!  But eh, there is money to be made, prestige to be had, egos to be inflated both in support and in opposition.  Here in Australia, members of both sides in the house of parliament received a massive pay increase for 2012, or as the more refined might have it, a salary or remunerative increase.  Nothing wrong with that. I am only illustrating the benefits derived by both sides of the religion debate.  Finally atheists are also getting the slice of the take.  So they should - same mindset, same rewards.

On reflection it seems that I may have pushed my own barrel a little too far here.  Then again how could I say much more in tribute of a man I only knew, if that's an appropriate word here, from his public utterances.

Now here is a man who gives credence to the phrase:  It takes one to know one!

Richard Dawkins  in his own words:

‘I once wrote that anybody who didn't believe in evolution must be stupid, insane or ignorant, and I was then careful to add that ignorance is no crime. I should now update my statement. Anybody who doesn't believe in evolution is stupid, insane, or hasn't read Jerry Coyne. I defy any reasonable person to read this marvellous book and still take seriously the "breathtaking inanity" that is intelligent design "theory" or its country cousin, young earth creationism.’
— Richard Dawkins, author of
The God Delusion

Funny thing, I would never discuss or debate anything with this wonderfully intellectual man, simply because I am intellectually incapable of so doing.  I lack the mental agility, the quickness of mind, the necessary debating skills. What's more, I hate competition, not because I hate losing, which I do along with every other Tom, Dick and Harry, but particularly when winning is just an ego trip and not about yielding to reality.

It's like I can't run a 4-minute mile.  It'd be pointless for me to enter into such a fruitless exercise instead of yielding to the reality of my inability to do so.

I yield to facts, where it is not about winning or losing.  One of the facts is that the God of Religion, as Christianity has caricatured Him, is not someone I would want to know.

Religion invented guilt and its amelioration for control in cahoots with secular rulers.

Rule or be ruined the tribal leader's catch cry. Before inventing salvation they first had to create the need.

Enter Adam the ultimate guilty party - hero of the blame-gamers.

Then they plagiarized the words of God, who had an issue entirely with the flock of Jacob, Israel who thumbed their nose at Him , and with whom he was as angry as any husband would be with an adulterous wife or father of a firstborn son who failed to honour and respect him.

Enter appropriate wrath and vengeance!   The anger of God trumpeted and alleged by the whitewashed graves of Christianity to be against wicked mankind to fill their own coffers with the three Pees: Power, Prestige and Pounds (Pesos, Pennies, Property - take your Pick) is a most wicked lie and grotesque distortion of reality.  Their own supposed foundation document, the bible, has none of it.

What about creation? Were we or not?

How long human presence on earth? Clearly understood.

What about the age of Earth? No one knows.

Did it all get slam-banged into history a little over 6000 years ago? No!

It's a numbers game good for funding the gamers.

Bible does not say, but it existed  loooooooooooooooooooooooong  before the first day of creative preparation began just a bit over one thousand years short of 49000 years ago.

Russell got that one spot on! How? you might ask! Please do!

Right on course from the manual of course, where the time from when day seven began a little shy of 6000 years ago adds up to 7000 years when added to the final 1000+  year epoch of that 7th creation-related ‘day’.

Anyone with an elementary knowledge of the simplest of spreadsheet software like MS-Works, can easily reverse engineer the exponential population growth to arrive at a starting point well within biblical and, would you believe, real chronology.*

Never mind about arguing with carbon-14 dating. I had a date with it, and it worked out just fine because the measuring-stick* conditions of the time prior to the massive aqua-sphere cosmic-ray shield coming down at the deluge, were such as to generate an extremely low, if any, carbon-14 in organisms living prior to that time. The result is a false reading, since the setting is based on current 1/2 life.
* please check out the Exponential-Pop page, might be interesting.
* really sorry about getting all technical here,

A little more detail farther down.

Anyway, in order to cope, and in keeping with prevailing mind-set of a set mind, I have come up with my own theoretical fact to settle the issue once and for all with my own version of the big bang:

The big bang occurred when the fickle lance of fate penetrated the virginal womb of universal space via the hymen of ignorance resulting in the chaos of a cataclysmic orgasm which ultimately gave birth to a self-fertilizing virgin who became known to her progeny as mother nature.

That should even things out between the two protagonist religions: scientism and creationism.

The end of yet another wearisome monologue!